Monday, 11 May 2015

Cat Attack

A busy morning. DB had an appointment for an INR this morning, I went into Morrisons and picked up a few bits we needed for tomorrow, we then went to Tesco to check the car tyres and put fuel in for the journey tomorrow.

We then went down to feed DD2's cat. He objected strongly to being put out after he finished his breakfast, I ended up with a couple of scratches, hey ho I will take a thick towel with me tomorrow.............

Started to pack the bag, DB had done a check list so tick off the things as they are put in, only need a small bag we are just staying the one night. I need to make up our picnic for tomorrow night, have just cleaned out the picnic cool bag it was disgraceful, looks much better now.

I expect DB will go for his siesta, we have just finished off the scotch broth I made last week, it has done us 4 days for lunch.

This afternoon the sun was out, it was quite warm if you could get out of the wind, Laundry dried, now in the airing cupboard. Picnic for tomorrow done wrapped in foil in the fridge ready to go into the cool bag tomorrow morning.

Heard from my friend they are in the airport at Toronto awaiting their onward flight to London. They are flying business class so they will be able to sleep on the trip over the Atlantic. We hope to get to their hotel around 11am in the morning.

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