Thursday, 28 May 2015

Busy Day

Estimator here this morning, after he had gone I cleaned upstairs. After a sandwich I hot footed it to the quilting staff, forgot my handbag. idiot. Good afternoon, two of the ladies had done the churn dash block, so I set them off on the next months block.

As we were clearing up one of the ladies asked if we could have an extra half an hour, she said 2 hours was not enough, so I asked the lady who runs the hall, yes... no problem so from July we will start at 1.30pm. I must be nuts!!

Back home OH had several phone calls, another estimator tomorrow morning, DD2 phoned about her course, and the outreach worker phoned, the date for the official view has been set for next Thursday, so we have to be patient for another 6 days. No idea what they have been doing in the bungalow, we will have to see when we get in.

The gas man came to do a gas safety check, so all is ok in that area.

The digging I did yesterday is telling on my legs, I think I will have to have a shower tonight............

We have had one quote back, very good, less than I thought, we will see how the others come in.


  1. :-) Your move is exciting to all of us. Ana USA

  2. You certainly did have a busy day and am glad all worked out well even tho tiring. Sorry you have to wait a whole week before seeing the renovated bungalow, but it's better than having to wait for that decision!

    Cheers for a lower than expected 1st estimate for the moving cost, too.

    Sweet dreams!



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