Thursday, 21 May 2015

Back to square one

DB announced last night that he had palpitations, now he is on medication which is supposed to stop them.......he slept all night but still had them this morning, so gave him his morning dose of medication. No to GP, he is not fit to come in so dial 999. Two very nice ladies came, and off he went.

I phoned LRI about 2 hours after he left here to find that they had re-directed him to the heart unit at Glanfield. No idea of the ward number, eventually they found him.

I spoke to him, the sister uses a mobile, so she gave it to him and we had a quick conversation.

I am going in later with pj's etc will stay for about an hour. Thankfully its easier to park at Glenfield than LRI and about 5 miles closer to us.

Phoned SIL could not get off the wretched phone she kept finding something else to talk about...aarrgghhhh........

So in a cleft stick...........still waiting for some news....may be next week when OH is out of hospital, we will hear something.


  1. Sorry to hear DB is in the hospital. Hopefully they will get him stabilized and he will be able to come home soon. Best Wishes....

  2. I hope DB makes a speedy recovery. My thoughts are with you.


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