Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Away Day

We were up early, wanted to get a flying start. Away from the house at 8.45am. Fed DD2’s cat and off on our trip away.

First hour was rather boring heavy traffic on the A46/M1 soon on the less bust M69, round Coventry and picked up the M40. All went well till we came off the M40 and started to wend our way round Oxford, nor sure what we did but I suddenly realised we were heading for Evesham!! Wrong way, turn round and listen to the voice on the sat nav. After taking us through the centre of Oxford we eventually ended up ay Linton Lodge Hotel. Walked in the door and there was Ana waiting for us, closely followed by Bob. We sat and had a chat in a very pleasant lounge area. Ana unpacked the bags of things she had brought me, lots of lovelies and a Ruler for my friend.

The tour leader kindly allowed us to take lunch with those of the group who had already arrived. Ana said they were at the hotel by 9.30am having been met at the airport by a chauffeur driven car, very nice.

A nice buffet lunch, we then retired back to the lounge, the talk was much a very varied ranging through our election, the US election that’s coming, health care and various other subjets. At some point 2 pots of tea arrived to lubricate the throats and we were away again. All too soon it was 4.30. A & B had a welcome meeting at 5pm so we excused ourselves and using the sat nav made our way to our room for the night at the Peartree Travel Lodge. It has been modernised and much better than our previous rooms in Travel Lodges. Nice kingsize bed, TV hospitality tray etc. We watched TV for a while and then unpcked the picnic. After a cup of tea we went out for a walk round the site, its far enough away from the road for the noise not to be troublesome. We are right at the back, so its quiet, There is a Waitrose and a Starbucks, we did walk round Waitrose, my goodness it was expensive…….glad we had taken food with us!!

I do not think we will be late out of bed tonight, DB drove quite a bit of the way, we changed over after about an hour and I drove the rest of the way, will do the same going back tomorrow.

It was great to see Ana and Bob, it is 10 years since we were last together, we vowed it would not be so long again, I am hoping they will come to see us in Melton before too long.

We did take some photos but have not down laoded them yet will publish them tomorrow.

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