Saturday, 2 May 2015

A red letter day?

When I switched on my lap top this morning the news was that the new Royal baby was to make its appearance today. So it proved, with the news that a baby girl had been born.

We had a lie in this morning, I was very tired yesterday, so a slow start. After breakfast I sorted out the top bed in the garden, taking the heads off the dead tulips and daffs, raked over the side bed and tied in the clematis that were making a bid for freedom.

DB had removed the wood dividers from the sq ft garden, so I raked it over and put in all the plants we had in pots. I need to pot the hostas on into bigger pots, cannot do that until I get more compost. In the event of us getting a flat or bungalow the pots and containers will go to DD2's until we have a chance to see if we can take any of them with us.

Lunch over I put a loaf on, bacon, egg tomato and fried bread for supper, not sure what we are having for dessert yet. Will make my mind up later.

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