Sunday, 31 May 2015

Wet and Murky Sunday

After yesterday's sunny weather its throwing it down here, has not let up since we got up. I though it was drying up a while ago, but its persisting and the wind is blowing seven bells of hell as well.

Instead of gardening this morning I started to clean the kitchen cupboards, lined them with paper and put the stuff back, when we do go I will just need to take the paper out, nice clean cupboards left.

The dilemma over the cooker is solved. DB reminded me that we would get our deposit back when we leave the house, so I can have the cash to buy the cooker and there will be some left to go towards the carpets.

I am going to order it from John Lewis, its cheaper there than anywhere else and the chaps will also install it, £25 which is cheaper than £40 the local electrician was going to charge, and I will not have to wait for him to come and do the honours.

Its the same model we sold when we came back 3 1/2 years ago.

I started knitting hats for the babies of Nepal last night, had some wool left over from DGGD's knitting so have made 3 so far, think I have enough wool for another 3, that will be it. I did sort out the next block for the quilting group yesterday. The meeting is 4 days before we are due to move. I do not want to be hunting for stuff then, so its safely stowed away in my case.

DB was fine at bowls yesterday, moaning today he has a sore throat, told him to gargle with aspirin in warm water, reckons he has 'a head cold' Well he has an appointment with the Dr this week so he can sort it out with her whilst he is there. He had a nasty rash where the monitor leads had been, it is fading but I think he is allergic to the sticky stuff they put on the pads.

We have been watching the re-runs of 'ello 'ello, DB recorded them, it seems strange to watch them now. There were a couple of scenes in one we watched last night I doubt would go down to well now.

Pork steaks for supper, going to do them with the roasties in the Remoska, carrots and cabbage. There is half the crumble from Friday left so we will finish that off for dessert.

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Sunny Saturday

We had a lie in, the postman came and brought a plant catalogue, not that I am buying any more plants. It was nice to look through and dream........

Once up and breakfasted we went off to the post office, someone tried to deliver a parcel yesterday. there were 3 of us in, but none of us heard the bell, so can only guess they did not try too hard to get an answer, instead took the parcel to the local post office. It was quite a large narrow box, but very light. When I opened it there were 2 packets of tube squeezers I had ordered. Why they did not just put them in an envelope I just do not know!!

Nipped to Morrisons for toasting bread and some apples. Have been on the look out for 2 clematis, Montana Alba and Montana Elizabeth, no luck there so will see if I can beg some cuttings and root them myself. I want to use them to cover the awful wire fence at the front.

DB bowling this afternoon so I have some 'me time' no idea what I am going to do, my head is buzzing with trying to sort out our move and DB is not helping, he is stressing about getting the keys so we can get the carpets down before we move in. I am trying to sort out the cash.

We have 3 estimates back  for the move so far, they vary from almost £1000 to £708, we have one more estimator coming on Monday then we will decide who is going to get the job. I also have to arrange to get the wardrobe in the back bedroom to my daughters, it might be a man and his van.

Friday, 29 May 2015

Frantic Friday

Thank goodness its early evening!! This morning we sorted the sitting room and kitchen.

After lunch we sat waiting for the visitation. The first two who came were chaps, Two brothers, they are Romanian, one of them lives here, the other has come over to join him, he has a good job and is looking to rent a house so he can send for his wife and daughter can come over. They left bound for the agents to pay for the checks. I guess he will have to have a guarantor as he has not got any credit rating etc. We had two more couples after them and both of them wanted the house. So the agents stopped the other 3 couples coming.

The estimator came from the third removal company, the quote has come through, afraid he will not be getting the job, too expensive. We have to look every penny twice before we spend it. The chap who came on Tuesday said they would pack on Sunday and move us Monday, he has come in with the cheapest quote so far.

It rained for most of the morning, but it has cleared and its a bright sunny evening.

My legs and back suffered after my hour in the garden on Wednesday, thankfully its not so bad today, so if its fine over the weekend I will be digging some more plants up and potting them up. I am trying to take it steady and not do too much. I need to start my famous lists.......I have already decided on supper for the night we move and the Tuesday. We will be coming back here to clean ready for the new tenants and drop the keys in to the agents.

Time to go and dish up the fish, wedges and coleslaw.........

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Busy Day

Estimator here this morning, after he had gone I cleaned upstairs. After a sandwich I hot footed it to the quilting staff, forgot my handbag. idiot. Good afternoon, two of the ladies had done the churn dash block, so I set them off on the next months block.

As we were clearing up one of the ladies asked if we could have an extra half an hour, she said 2 hours was not enough, so I asked the lady who runs the hall, yes... no problem so from July we will start at 1.30pm. I must be nuts!!

Back home OH had several phone calls, another estimator tomorrow morning, DD2 phoned about her course, and the outreach worker phoned, the date for the official view has been set for next Thursday, so we have to be patient for another 6 days. No idea what they have been doing in the bungalow, we will have to see when we get in.

The gas man came to do a gas safety check, so all is ok in that area.

The digging I did yesterday is telling on my legs, I think I will have to have a shower tonight............

We have had one quote back, very good, less than I thought, we will see how the others come in.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015


Spent time this morning digging up bulbs, and plants and re potting the plants.

After lunch we went into town to pick up a strimmer to help decimate the weeds in the veg garden. Once the weeds are cut down I can clear a 12 foot square for DB to plant his veggies.

It has taken me over an hour to put the strimmer together, blooming thing I am shattered.

Still no word from the council re the keys, so guess its going to be next week before we get to look at the place. I cannot sort out carpets etc till we have the keys. Another remover coming tomorrow to quote and a further one on Monday. The sign has gone up outside so the neighbours will know now. I have to get handy with the screw drivers and take the trellis supporting the clematis down, then the clematis can be potted up.

My back and shoulders are telling me I have put the strimmer together, I ended up sitting on the floor wrestling with the blessed thing.

Tomorrow is the quilting class, so will pack the stuff into the car in the morning. Meantime I am going to spend the evening slobbing on the settee.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Feels like Monday - Oh its Tuesday

Bad night again, things rattling round in the brain. Up early we had a estimator for removal coming at 9am. In the post the letter formally offering us the tenancy of the bungalow. The keys are not back yet, so we have to wait for the decorator to finish and then we can go and have a look round. We paid the water charge, no idea why, so now its just a waiting game and getting as many arrangements in place as I can. We have 2 people viewing the house on Friday afternoon, there is a shortage of decent property on the rental market in Melton, so I do not think it will be empty long.

I put a plea on freecycle for a fire guard, two answers, so I now have 2 fire guards, one is a very posh folding one, the other very utility.

A load of laundry dried outside, just need to put it in the airing cupboard, its been a very sunny and quite warm.

Need to get my stuff sorted for the quilting group meeting on Thursday afternoon, check the bags and remember to take the milk out of the freezer. I got some chocolate digestives from Morrisons this morning instead of shortbread.

OH emptied one of the containers on the front and found a birds egg in there, heaven knows where it had come from but it was buried quite deep, wondered if it was a fox had buried it.

Need to tidy the house and garden for the viewers, so tomorrow and Friday morning will be clearing up days.

Monday, 25 May 2015

Holiday Monday

Slept much better last night but I was shattered so only to be expected. Up an hour later than usual, but them it is a holiday!!

Monday again, but no Monday clean done, we went to a carpet warehouse to see what they had, we brought some samples home  with us. Also went into the big Wilkinson on the outskirts of the town. Spent quite a bit, but hopefully we will not have to buy anything else. We then went on to collect back some plant pots we gave away a month ago. We needed several big ones to put the clematis in to transfer them. 

Laundry out on the line whilst we were out, hopefully they are now dry, so I can get them in, fold up and put in the airing cupboard.

Supper tonight will be the pork pie etc left from yesterdays lunch with the salad. I have some crumble left from Saturday so we will have that for dessert.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Sunday Treat Day

A bad night last night my brain would just not stop whirling, was playing scrabble at 4am.

Spent an hour or so in the garden this morning digging up bulbs.

DD and DGD arrived just after 12 noon, so by 1pm we were sitting down to a salad lunch with sausage rolls, ham, brie cheese and pork pie. Followed by chocolate and strawberry trifle. Yum Yum, I was shattered even though I had done none of the prep. It was so nice to have a meal prepared for us, no cooking. We both enjoyed it so much.

I took DD home via the town, wanted to put our termination notice in to the agents. DGD talked us through what would happen re the bungalow when we go to see it officially.

I will not be late going to bed tonight, feeling quite tired now but fighting the urge to put my head down and have a Nana nap.

Lots to do in the coming weeks.......

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Sunny Saturday

Well it was when we went out!! Called at the library to change our books, I have got 10 which should keep me going for a while. We then went on to the garden centre for DB to get two fruit bushed and some veggie plants. I also bought 5 plants myself.

We called at the bungalow on the way home to tell our neighbours to expect to see us next week having an 'official' look round, and then in a couple of weeks we will have the keys and will be backwards and forwards. I can then get onto the carpet people and sort them out.

Rang the agents this morning to give them prior warning that we were moving, I have to follow it up in writing. They are short of properties, so at least they have another one on their books.

Since we have been home, we have had a light lunch. I brought rhubarb from the garden, its part cooked and cooling ready to go into the freezer. Prepared the fruit for tomorrows breakfast and veg for tonight supper, put bread on and cleaned the kitchen floor.

I am now crackered, the only thing keeping me going is the knowledge that in a few weeks there will be no more stairs to climb to the bedroom or the loo.

Friday, 22 May 2015


DB's heart stabilized itself last night. We went shopping to Morrisons this morning. Whilst he was having his siesta the council rang to say that the house we bid for 2 weeks ago is ready for us to view.

To be honest we do not need to see it, we were over on Wednesday and the decorator was in painting, so we had a quick run through.

Back garden from the back door. The top of the garden has been used as a vegetable patch, the last tenant did not bother with it, so it has loads of weeds to dig out.

Back garden from the bedroom window

DB outside the front of the bungalow.

A 2 bedoomed, detached bungalow with solar panels, its in a village about 6 miles from Melton, there is a bus service. The village has a garage, shop, post office, 2 churches and a pub!!

Needless to say DB has the seed packets out to see what he still has time to plant for this season. I have a feeling we will be working in the garden here over the weekend lifting some of the plants I want to take with us. We went and got 2 bags of compost and I am afraid I bought some plants!!

DD2 came this afternoon with news of their holiday, she bought me a bar of my very favourite chocolate, she got it at the airport, so its been out to Majorca and back again. I will be having 1 piece per night, make it last was long as I can. You just do not see it on sale these days, 

Things are going to be hectic over the next few weeks, need to arrange for carpets to be fitted, curtain rails put up etc......... we will move some of the lighter stuff ourselves and also some of the garden stuff. 

We have 2 sheds, one of them has a coal bunker built inside, but there is room for logs as well, the other will be fine for garden implements.

I must admit I am really pleased, we would never have got such a nice bungalow in the town, we could have been waiting for years. The neighbours are great we have already met 4 of them, they are looking forward to having us move in apparently the last tenant was a lady with the children. The situation of the bungalow meant it was difficult to to let. The bungalow was not left in a good state and there has been quite a lot for the workmen to do, it will be in good decorative order when we do get to move in, hopefully at the end of June.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Back to square one

DB announced last night that he had palpitations, now he is on medication which is supposed to stop them.......he slept all night but still had them this morning, so gave him his morning dose of medication. No to GP, he is not fit to come in so dial 999. Two very nice ladies came, and off he went.

I phoned LRI about 2 hours after he left here to find that they had re-directed him to the heart unit at Glanfield. No idea of the ward number, eventually they found him.

I spoke to him, the sister uses a mobile, so she gave it to him and we had a quick conversation.

I am going in later with pj's etc will stay for about an hour. Thankfully its easier to park at Glenfield than LRI and about 5 miles closer to us.

Phoned SIL could not get off the wretched phone she kept finding something else to talk about...aarrgghhhh........

So in a cleft stick...........still waiting for some news....may be next week when OH is out of hospital, we will hear something.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Brrrrrr its cold

Laundry done this morning, got it dry on the whirly, brought it in just before lunch.

We went out this afternoon for a ride round, had a couple of things we wanted to do, all done now.

The wind is making it feel very cold, we had a very slight rain shower mid afternoon. Sun out now but the wind is still quite strong. Hopefully it will drop soon.

I need to get out into the garden and do some clearing up and split some of the plants that are getting too big, Maybe I will manage out over the weekend, the forecast is for better weather. Fingers crossed!!

Tuesday, 19 May 2015


A strange day, it was dry when I got up and quite sunny, so the towels were put in the washer, I had to fetch them in. they were almost dry, so I shoved them in the dryer to finish off. sun, then rain then sun again.........

Still waiting on a phone call, nothing today.....hey ho

OH needs supper early he is being picked up for a bowls meeting at 6.30. Will get his supper for 5.30.

Did the freezer audit this morning, we have just about enough meat for next month, will have to buy some mince and a chicken, but thats it.

OH went for his siesta, I filled a hot water bottle and wrapped myself in a fleece. Read for a while. Its blooming cold, think I will have to put the heat on again, my hands are frozen. The calender says its May, it feels more like December!!

Monday, 18 May 2015

Oh Dear

I did not have a good night last night. DB was restless and I just could not get off, no idea what time I finally fell asleep, but I certainly did not want to get up this morning, it was 8.15 before I got out of bed.

Monday clean done, wiped the rad down in the bathroom, it looked a bit grubby.

So glad I did the laundry yesterday, its grey,cold and very wet this morning. The towels are going to have to wait until we get a forcast for a good day.

DB has a bowls meeting tomorrow night, he is getting picked up and brought home, although really he is capable of driving himself now, maybe I am getting a little over protective...........

U3A meeting Thursday, I need to send a notice about the bus trip to the chairman. If we do not get at least 20 the trip is not going to go.

Made a large pot of leek and lentil soup for lunch, really hacked off with my bread, I have tried so many recipes  and still the bread tears when I slice it on the slicer, however careful I am.......mind you it does provide breadcrumbs for gratins. Just whizzed a load of broken bits of bread in the Bamix, into a bag and in the freezer.

It has rained for most of the day, we had a short period when we saw a bit of blue sky, but its raining again now, and brrrrrrr its cold. Hard to remember its May!!

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Oh my aching back!!

Late up, it was after 9am before I woke. It was a fine morning and the forecast is for rain for tomorrow, I stripped the bed and washed the bed linen, almost dry.....I had to re wash a pillow case a bird very nicely decided to leave me a present as it flew over!!

Cooked the liver I should have cooked yesterday, I forgot DB would not be here for supper. So liver and bacon tomorrow, the rest is in the freezer.

Then I tackled the lawns, its amazing how much they have grown in 3 weeks, by the time I finished the front grass my back was telling me it was time to pack in. Both lawns have been done and look much better for it. I had to spray the lupins the green fly have decided its a nice restaurant, sorry chaps the drink is rubbish, buzz off somewhere else.

After lunch I remade the bed, fought with the duvet to get it into the cover, nothing new there then.........

Prepped the veg for supper, not sure what we are having for dessert, possibly banana and custard.

We are going to be living out of the freezer and cupboards for a few weeks, time the stocks were getting lower, can hardly fit anything into the wall cupboards. I emptied the remains of 4 pints of white vinegar into a smaller bottle, that one thing gone. Went through the kitchen drawers, cleaned and relined them, was looking for stuff to sling, so far nothing. I thought I might have some baking tins to off load, but I use them all, so no luck there either

Thats me apart from cooking the supper, on the settee for the rest of the day. Tomorrow is another day!!

Saturday, 16 May 2015


We had a bit of a lie in this morning. After breakfast I went down to sort out DD2's cat, left him inside.

DB playing bowls this afternoon, a friend picked him up and dropped him back after the game.

I spent part of the afternoon sorting through some more of my fabric and doing some research on the lap top. Phone call from DD2 to say she was home safe, they had dropped DGD off in Derby for a meeting.

DB was in just after 5pm, he had enjoyed himself and although they did not win he had a good game.

Its been a fine day, sunny but the wind just takes the edge off, cool in the shade.

Hope to get the grass cut tomorrow.

Friday, 15 May 2015


Fine this morning, but still quite windy and cold in the wind.

Down to DD2's to sort out and feed the cat, left him inside again.

I had a snack lunch before setting off to see my quilting friend, tea and tarte au citron, delicious....we spent quite some time putting the world to rights as well as viewing her very pretty back garden.

Journey home was quite heavy traffic, the A46 was very busy much as usual although Melton was not bad for a change. Cat fed again, DD2 is back tomorrow afternoon, so tomorrow morning will be my last duty.

DB had his siesta and had then spent time in the garden, we have some clearing up and tying in to do. Hopefully if its fine I will be spending some time in the garden tomorrow. DB is playing bowls, the first time since he was ill, one of his bowling friends is going to pick him up.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Grey/Blue Day

My left shoulder was causing me some problems last night. Got DB to rub in some pain killer cream and had also taken oral painkillers earlier on, slept fine and this morning it is ok. I think it was carrying the heavy bags that did it.

Out this morning to feed the cat, have left him in, will go down to feed him this afternoon and let him out. Traffic was horrendous, no idea what was going on but every road was jammed. We had a couple of calls to make whilst we were out.

Friday clean done, 2 loads of laundry, watching the weather it looks a bit ominous. Bread maker on too.

DB went for his siesta after lunch, I read for a while and then prepped the veg for tonights supper.

All the laundry dried and is now airing, I have a visit to my quilting friend tomorrow afternoon. DB has a history club meeting so he will go there and back on the bus.

Down to DD's to let the cat out and put down some more food for him.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Home Again

We had a reasonable journey home this morning. We were home just after 12 noon. The traffic was heavy on the M40 and M1 but kept moving so did not hold us up.

We were out this afternoon, it was pleasant but the wind took the edge off the heat.

Our friends at their hotel. I had a message from Ana saying how much they enjoyed seeing us yesterday. They were off round Oxford this morning following in Morse's footsteps.

Fed the cat on our way home, he is fine, message from DGD to say they hope to be back by 5pm on Saturday.

We are waiting on a letter from the council, its just possible we may had a property, but we need to hear it from the powers that be.

I have a problem with my left shoulder, think carrying the bag yesterday has strained the muscles, pain killers taken and stuff rubbed in. Hope it clears sooner rather than later.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Away Day

We were up early, wanted to get a flying start. Away from the house at 8.45am. Fed DD2’s cat and off on our trip away.

First hour was rather boring heavy traffic on the A46/M1 soon on the less bust M69, round Coventry and picked up the M40. All went well till we came off the M40 and started to wend our way round Oxford, nor sure what we did but I suddenly realised we were heading for Evesham!! Wrong way, turn round and listen to the voice on the sat nav. After taking us through the centre of Oxford we eventually ended up ay Linton Lodge Hotel. Walked in the door and there was Ana waiting for us, closely followed by Bob. We sat and had a chat in a very pleasant lounge area. Ana unpacked the bags of things she had brought me, lots of lovelies and a Ruler for my friend.

The tour leader kindly allowed us to take lunch with those of the group who had already arrived. Ana said they were at the hotel by 9.30am having been met at the airport by a chauffeur driven car, very nice.

A nice buffet lunch, we then retired back to the lounge, the talk was much a very varied ranging through our election, the US election that’s coming, health care and various other subjets. At some point 2 pots of tea arrived to lubricate the throats and we were away again. All too soon it was 4.30. A & B had a welcome meeting at 5pm so we excused ourselves and using the sat nav made our way to our room for the night at the Peartree Travel Lodge. It has been modernised and much better than our previous rooms in Travel Lodges. Nice kingsize bed, TV hospitality tray etc. We watched TV for a while and then unpcked the picnic. After a cup of tea we went out for a walk round the site, its far enough away from the road for the noise not to be troublesome. We are right at the back, so its quiet, There is a Waitrose and a Starbucks, we did walk round Waitrose, my goodness it was expensive…….glad we had taken food with us!!

I do not think we will be late out of bed tonight, DB drove quite a bit of the way, we changed over after about an hour and I drove the rest of the way, will do the same going back tomorrow.

It was great to see Ana and Bob, it is 10 years since we were last together, we vowed it would not be so long again, I am hoping they will come to see us in Melton before too long.

We did take some photos but have not down laoded them yet will publish them tomorrow.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Cat Attack

A busy morning. DB had an appointment for an INR this morning, I went into Morrisons and picked up a few bits we needed for tomorrow, we then went to Tesco to check the car tyres and put fuel in for the journey tomorrow.

We then went down to feed DD2's cat. He objected strongly to being put out after he finished his breakfast, I ended up with a couple of scratches, hey ho I will take a thick towel with me tomorrow.............

Started to pack the bag, DB had done a check list so tick off the things as they are put in, only need a small bag we are just staying the one night. I need to make up our picnic for tomorrow night, have just cleaned out the picnic cool bag it was disgraceful, looks much better now.

I expect DB will go for his siesta, we have just finished off the scotch broth I made last week, it has done us 4 days for lunch.

This afternoon the sun was out, it was quite warm if you could get out of the wind, Laundry dried, now in the airing cupboard. Picnic for tomorrow done wrapped in foil in the fridge ready to go into the cool bag tomorrow morning.

Heard from my friend they are in the airport at Toronto awaiting their onward flight to London. They are flying business class so they will be able to sleep on the trip over the Atlantic. We hope to get to their hotel around 11am in the morning.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Cat Sitting Duties

A bit of a lie in this morning, went down to feed Donny DD2's cat, he was sitting on the step waiting for us.

Back at home I decided to do the Monday clean, we have a fullish day tomorrow starting with an appointment for DB at the INR clinic. I also need a few supplies for our trip on Tuesday. Started sorting the clothes we are going to need for Tuesday, I will pack the bag tomorrow night before we go to bed.

Today is DD2's birthday, hope she has had a nice day in the sun.

Sat and watched Badminton this afternoon whilst DB had his siesta, I think I should have had one too, yawning my head off.

Had a message from DB's sister, with a photograph, she is having to sit with her arm elevated. Her husband has rigged up some traction for her using a pair of steps and various other bits from around the house. They are going to freinds for supper, they too have rigged up a contraption for her, fortunately its her left hand, but guess someone is going to have to cut up her meals for her.

Cloudy day we did get some sun, the wind has settled a bit but its still quite cool.

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Grey Day

Nice lie in this morning, nothing much on so mostly relaxing although I have gone through the WIP box and taken out the nine patch quilt top I made some years ago, I thought the borders were too wide so I have cut them down, just sewing them back on, will measure it once I have pressed it and sort out the wadding. I will have to take it to the village hall to layer it up ready for quilting, I do not have a big enough space here. Will go early and get it done before the ladies arrive, then I can bring it home and quilt it. No idea what I am going to do with it when its finished. Might do a give away.

DB had is siesta and then went out for a walk, he asked for cheese pie and beans for supper, thats what he has got. Just need to heat it through at supper time.

Its been a very grey day, and the wind is back, not as strong as earlier in the week, but still quite blustery.

Friday, 8 May 2015

Hey Ho Same Old Same Old.......

So thats the election over for another 5 years. I was very surprised when I saw the swing on TV.

DB and I have had many a discussion over the past few weeks, his view different to mine because, of course, he is a dyed in the wool Scot. How ever its over and we are stuck with wee Dave and Sam Cam for another 5 years.

Friday clean done, bottomed as it was not done last week. It was not too bad really. Wedges prepped for tonight supper. DD2 due this afternoon, we will take her home and then carry on to the library, DB sat up reading till gone midnight to finish the book he was reading. If I had done that I would have heard, 'I can't sleep the lights on', I just turned over and went off to sleep.

Weekend tomorrow and I am having a long lie, the last few weeks have caught up with me, I have doubled up my Fibro drugs for a few days, feel as if my body is on fire most of the time.

SIL goes in for the op on her hand today, DB rang her  last night, he has also sent off for his new photo card, used my bank card, but I have transferred the money from his savings account. It should be with us within the week.

A bright morning, the wind has dropped, so not quite so cold. I was frozen when we went to bed last night, put the electric blanket on, soon warmed up.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

DB does it again!!

DB cannot find the photo card from his driving licence.......I have searched the house, his bedside drawers, coat and trouser pockets. Cannot find the photo card anywhere, so he is going to have to stump up £20 for a new one......brilliant. I refuse to pay it, his card his fault, he can pay.

The wind has dropped, we did have a shower this morning but it has brightened up, still quite cold though, have put the heating back on brrrrr.

Nothing of note done, made a pot of scotch broth and did the veggies for supper. Also ironed the duvet cover and stuck it in the airing cupboard. Whilst sorting stuff out this morning I discovered that DB had 24 pairs of socks, when does he ever wear than, I seem to get the same socks in the wash each week, could not persuade him to chuck any of them out though.

Starting to think about our little trip next week. We are staying in a travel lodge. I am planning on taking two containers with our Sunday fruit mix in and a couple of tea cakes to have for breakfast. As we are going out for lunch I will take sandwiches and fruit for our supper. There is always plenty of sachets of tea and coffee, I will take some of DB's decaff tea with me. Looking forward to seeing Ana and Bob even if it is only for a short time.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015


It was bright but still very windy early this morning. A load of coloureds went into the machine and I hung them out to dry before we went to the Drs.

DB can drive again, he has regained full use of his left hand, arm and leg and has no residual weakness at all So he will be able to share the driving when we go to meet Ana and Bob next week. So he can re-apply for his driving licience.The Dr also said she would write to social services and see if she can get us pushed up the ladder a bit. Fingers crossed. DB treated us to a donut to have with our afternoon tea to celebrate.

Went to the bank and also Morrisons for the few bits we needed.

Laundry was dry so fetched it in, after lunch it turned very grey looking and before long it was raining. The wind seemed to have dropped a bit.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

The Saga Continues

Just now have a chap lying on his back taking the washing machine pump to bits. We have already recovered a plastic bank bag, stuck in the pump, he is now looking to see what else is in there.

I spent over an hour this morning trying to get someone to come in. One company wanted to charge me £124 call out and a fee for a second visit. It would have been cheaper to buy a new machine!! As it is the chap sent by the agents found a plastic bag and then a 20p piece, the machine is now working fine and he charged me £45!! worth every penny. DB phoned the agents to say we were very pleased with the service, The sheets etc are rinsing I then have to spin the towels and wash them I was ashamed of the muck that came off the floor by the door, the water was very dark grey, despite me washing the floor every week. I think I will have to have a go with the steamer over the whole floor.

Appointment at the Drs in the morning to see about whether she thinks DB should carry on driving, I also want to see how she feels about us having a SS evaluation.

All the laundry dried in the wind, it sure is blowing some out there, bedding ironed apart from the quilt cover which will have to wait another day too crackered to do it now.

Supper prepped, macaroni cheese, jacket spud and coleslaw. DB is still having his bananas for dessert most days.

Monday, 4 May 2015

Not A Good Day

Stripped the bed and put the sheets etc in the washer whilst we had breakfast. I could smell burning so could DB. I put my hand on the washer plug and it was red hot, when I pulled it out, the fuse was welded into the plug, has I left it no doubt we would have been calling the fire service. Changed the plug and after a couple of false starts set the machine going again. It has stopped with the drum half full of water, and was making a weird buzzing noise, I think the pump has either gone or is blocked.

Dilemma - the pump may be expensive to replace so therefore it might be cheaper to buy a new machine, however, if we get an apartment offered to us, there is a laundry, so something else, almost brand new to sell. If  we are lucky enough to get a bungalow we will need a washer................aarrgghhhh. Its a lovely day, my sheets I had hoped to dry on the line or stuck in water in the washer, I know when the chap comes he will open the pump, I could be left with sopping wet towels from mopping up the water and the prospect of a visit to the launderette to wash them.......

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Rain. rain go away!!

Bucketing down when we got up this morning. I drove all the way to Syston and back in pouring rain.

The car park at Aldi was almost full when we got there and the queue half way down the building. Once we got inside it was like a rugby scrum, Why do people park their trolleys right where you want to be to get something either off the shelf or out of the freezer. At the meat counter there were 3 people chatting, blocking 2/3rds of the counter. I got fed up waiting patiently and eventually said ' excuse me do you mind if I get some meat', you should have seen the filthy look I got. However we eventually were in the car and on our way back home.

Pate on toast for lunch and DB went for his siesta, I made myself cosy on the settee covered with a fleece and a book to read.

By 2.30pm the rain had stopped and the sun was out, but boy its cold outside.

Everything ready to cook the shoulder of lamb for tonight's supper....

Saturday, 2 May 2015

A red letter day?

When I switched on my lap top this morning the news was that the new Royal baby was to make its appearance today. So it proved, with the news that a baby girl had been born.

We had a lie in this morning, I was very tired yesterday, so a slow start. After breakfast I sorted out the top bed in the garden, taking the heads off the dead tulips and daffs, raked over the side bed and tied in the clematis that were making a bid for freedom.

DB had removed the wood dividers from the sq ft garden, so I raked it over and put in all the plants we had in pots. I need to pot the hostas on into bigger pots, cannot do that until I get more compost. In the event of us getting a flat or bungalow the pots and containers will go to DD2's until we have a chance to see if we can take any of them with us.

Lunch over I put a loaf on, bacon, egg tomato and fried bread for supper, not sure what we are having for dessert yet. Will make my mind up later.

Friday, 1 May 2015


the day after the day before,....... an early caller one of the ladies from the quilting group came to collect her handbag she left behind yesterday afternoon.

We loaded the car with all the spare pots we had, by heavens there were a lot, set off to the Drs. DBs warfarin levels have at last come up, he has an appointment for 2 weeks time. Called at the post office to post 2 parcels and then off to drop the plant pots off.

It was lamost lunchtime when we got back. DB went for his siesta, I finished yesterdays block and cut the pieces for the next one, so everything is now ready for the next class apart from printing off the instructions for the June block.

Had asn email from SIL saying that they had arrived home ok, she is going into hospital next week for an op on her hand. Hmmmm why do I think the nurses will earn their money while she is in residence??

Going to Aldi Sunday morning, tomorrow I need a llooonnggg lie.