Wednesday, 15 April 2015


Another fine sunny morning, if the wind would drop it would be quite warm.

Breakfast in bed, just had my shower, another cuppa, will phone the hospital before I go to my friends, I might have to ring again from there if the Drs have not been.

No laundry this morning, if he is coming out I can do a full load tomorrow.

Will update later.

Lovely day with my friend, she gave me chicken for lunch, delicious.

OH phoned from the hospital the MRI scan showed a very small clot in the right side of his brain, which is why he has the slight weakness in his left arm and leg. He has to have heparin injections to boost his INR which is still very low. The physio's are going to see him in the morning and will give a report on what might help him at home etc. I am hoping that this might shove us up the list a bit to get a bungalow or flat with no stairs.

I spoke to the Dr, she showed me the scan, the clot is really very tiny. They think it happened when he had the ventricular fibrillation on Monday.

I will ring the hospital at lunchtime, and go in at my normal time tomorrow afternoon.

The traffic on the way home was horrendous. I called in to see DD2 and give her the news.

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  1. I have been away for several days and am saddened to her that DH was hospitalized. Things will calm down for you once he is back home and feeling better. My best wishes are with you both. Barb


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