Tuesday, 14 April 2015


Breakfast had, laundry out on the line, doing a daily wash just now. Off shortly into town to the bank.

DD2 is coming this afternoon, I need fuel in the car and she has money off, will then travel into the hospital with the letters about the Echo scan they said they could not find.

More later when I have been to see him.


OH may be sent home tomorrow, they have not had the report from his MRI, once they have seen it they will probably discharge him. The medication for the palpitations seems to be working, he said he thought they were starting this morning, but there was a little 'bump' and nothing more. So it looks like thats one worry less. 

The traffic was horrendous both going in and out of the city this afternoon.......ambulances and police cars everywhere.

Laundry dried outside, brilliant.

I am going to see my quilting friend tomorrow morning, will go onto the hospital from there and see what they have to say.

DD2 was pleased to see him looking so much better, he had been sat out, but got on the bed when he came back from the scan, he sat out to eat his supper which they brought just as we were leaving.

Supper another jacket spud with cream cheese and coleslaw, yummy. Will have to sort out something for supper tomorrow if OH does come out.


  1. I hope DB is feeling better today. I also hope that you are getting rest and looking after yourself too. Uncertainty and stress wear us down faster than we can imagine and doubly so when we are the main caregivers. Please take care.


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