Friday, 17 April 2015

Todays another day

By the time we got home last night we were both exhausted. So scrambled egg on toast and bed for both of us.

DB slept the night through, this morning his left arm was over his head and his grip was fine, need to check his leg though. He had breakfast in bed and has slept for a while since then. I will get him up in about an hour, shower and dress him and he can come down for lunch. He has a relaxer chair with the foot that lifts up and the back adjusts, so I will see if he will have a nap in that after lunch. He says he feels very tired. He did sleep in hospital they it was disturbed sleep, so he needs a couple of days to catch up.

The nurse is due around tea time to give him his heparin injection, he has to have one a day for the next three days. He also has an appointment for an NRI test on MOnday to see if the count has come up again.

I have managed to do a load of laundry and hang it out and also wash the kitchen floor. Need to ring SS on Monday for them to come and do an assessment and see if we can get pushed up the list a bit. I also have to ring and get us put back on the waiting list for Mowbray House.

Soup on the stove for lunch.

DB went back to bed after lunch, he got up for supper, the district nurse came to give him his heparin injection, I also gave him his warfarin and his heart tablet, so apart from his medication when he goes to bed, thats the nursing for today, he has eaten and enjoyed his supper, fish, mash peas and parsley sauce. I made creme caramel for dessert with a banana sliced on top and a drizzle of maple syrup.

DD2 phoned to say that she has got the job she went for, as an opitical assistant in Vision Express in the town, so she will soon be working days rather than 12 hour nights.

I am shattered, 2laods of laundry done. Will be going to bed early and not getting up early tomorrow, its Saturday!!


  1. You're both in my thoughts and prayers. I hope that SS are helpful, and waiting lists shortened. Blessings and love xx

  2. Very glad to hear that you have got DB home with you again. Thinking of you both. Good luck with all the SS people - in our experience with the FH they were v helpful, so I hope that they are for you too in your area. Take care of yourself too xxx

  3. Good news to hear hubby is home. Hope you have good luck with the ss I am sure you will. Take care x


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