Thursday, 9 April 2015

Today is another day!

By the time we went to bed DB's palps had more or less gone so a decent nights sleep.DB had his break fast in bed, but then got up,showered and came down.

Th chaps fron the Fniture Project came for the settee, we had a job to find the BS details, but we did finally on the bottom. It took a bit of getting out, but eventually it was loaded in the lorry and away it went.

Put the dyson over the carpet and moved the new to us settee in its permanent situation.

We went to the library, 10 books each, so we have enough to take away with us next week.

DB went for his siesta, I made a magic cake for dessert tonight.

Not much else done really,  bit of research on the Internet and that was it.

Tomorrow is Friday and the weekend will be with us again.


  1. This week seems to have flown past. I had such plans for the two weeks and have not done many of them.

  2. Ten books each? That's my kind of library visit! :)


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