Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Thank Goodness

INR again this morning, Dr is happy with it so we are back on weekly visits for the time being. We had quite a wait in the surgery, managed to make our other appointment in time.

Look round a sheltered housing complex just on the outskirts of the town, away from the main road. Unusually it has a warden living in, but it does make a difference to the rent, however.......we saw one flat which was adequate, some things would have to go but we expected that, its just finding space for my machine etc to carry on quilting, we might have to loose a wardrobe to give me enough space to sew in the bedroom. There is a large cupboard where I could store all the fabric etc. At the moment only some of the flats have a shower unit over the bath, but there is a big shower room on the ground floor, so we could use that at a pinch. Reasonable kitchen with room for a fridge freezer. A laundry room on the ground floor and whirlies out in the garden to dry laundry on. There are dryers for wet days There is also a garden and we can take what we like with us. There is a lady who does the garden, but we were told that any help would be welcome, so we will have to see.

We were shown round by the warden, we both got the feeling that she had final say as to who gets a vacancy. It is a unit we would be happy in, small but ok even for that. We can do as we like, put things on the wall etc and may be able to use the freestat box we have. Some of the residents were enjoying a coffee morning in the communal sitting room. The park is quite close and DB would be able to go and watch them playing cricket in the summer. We could walk to the library and shops. Aldi are hoping to build just across the road, although it might be a couple of years before that happens.

 Not too far from DD2 either and DGD would also be within walking distance.

Started off a bright day but towards lunch time it started to cloud over, the weather is due to change at the weekend, so guess the laundry will get done tomorrow so I can dry it outside.

WRVS lady coming tomorrow to see what we can do about someone coming to be with DB when I go to do the quilting class, I really do not want to have to take him with me, he is no good with the sewing machine!!


  1. Been thinking of you both - glad that the INR is looking better. The apartment sounds as if it might be a good thing, if you can get in there. Hope you are getting plenty of rest in between all these things though - take care xxx

  2. The unit sounds good, I hope you get it.


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