Sunday, 26 April 2015


The rain came in the night, the table outside was wet when I went out this morning.

Late up, had our usual Sunday fruit and croissant breakfast. DB decided to sort out the paper work in the cupboard and shred what is no longer needed. I have made him keep 6 years tax stuff etc.

He retired to bed dizzy just before lunch but was not in bed long. Had his usual siesta and then went out for a short walk. I managed to machine the binding on another quilt and stitch it down.

It was rather dull when we got up, but eventually the sun came out, it was still quite cold in the breeze. 

Chicken for supper all prepped just got to cook it.

Busy week coming up, various things on including another INR test for DB and a visit to get out feet seen to. Patchwork group on Thursday, I am going to have to risk leaving DB at home, I just cannot get anyone to sit with him whilst I am out.

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