Sunday, 12 April 2015


It looks like DB a will be out today, they moved him last night to another ward. When I rang they were waiting for the Drs to go round. I hope he has the sense to ask for some stronger pain killers.

I was in bed just after 9pm, read for a while, but eventually just could not be bothered so put the light off and dozed off. Woke this morning with a headache, I wonder why?

Still in bed, will get up shortly, shower etc and then see about going in to collect him. It's costing an arm and a leg in parking fees.


I went in to collect DB and found him flat on his back, he had collapsed when a nurse made him walk to the toilet and had then developed palpitations, they are going to try him on some new medication, once they stabilise him he will be able to come home. Our holiday is definitely off, I have just emailed them.

I saw the social worker who is attached to the ward. I have a phone number to ring to get a befriender who would come in and keep an eye on DB when I am out.

I phoned my daughter and re-instated my dinner invite, chicken with all the trimmings, lime mouse with cream and strawberries, yummy.

Now home, washing in the machine for the morning, I will probably watch Poldark in bed. Thankfully my stress headache had been chased away with some medication.

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  1. Parking can be so expensive when doing hospital visiting. Ask the ward clerk if there is a scheme whereby you can get free or cheaper parking. My family paid a small fortune visiting my father and I discovered there was a way of reducing the cost.


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