Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Still No Rain

It turned very cold last night, had to put the leccy blanket on for a few minutes, I was so cold when I got into bed. Not much better this morning, it was sunny but the wind has gone to the north so very chilly. We did nip across to Tesco to get frozen fish, just dropped lucky breaded and battered haddock, 3 boxes found their way into the basket.

OH was tired when we got back so went to bed for an hour, I think the combination of his heart pill and and the anti sickness pill are causing him to feel drowsy, so will drop the anti sickness pill tomorrow and see what happens.

Made a round of shortbread for coffee on Thursday morning, smells good anyway. Spent the rest of the morning reading.

It turned very cold after lunch, I put the heating back on for a bit, still no rain, sun shining.

DD2 coming tomorrow afternoon, she starts her last few nights in her job tomorrow. She and DGD are off to Majorca for a week and on her return she starts her new job.

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