Sunday, 19 April 2015

Slow start

I decided that this morning I was going to have a slow start. I came down and made up two dishes of the pineapple and oranges mix we have for Sunday breakfast, made De caff coffee for DB and ordinary for me, put the croissant in the micro to defrost and warm through and went back to bed. Came back down to collect the croissant and then lazed in bed reading until 10.30, got DB up at the same time although he has been back to bed since. I think the heart pills are causing him to feel sick, he has some medication for that, so gave him it and he went  back to bed for an hour. I think I am going to ask the Dr. if its ok to give him the anti sickness pill with or just after his heart tablet first thing in the morning,one tablet covers about 8 hours so should last over the second dose at tea time too.

Since I have been up I have washed the kitchen curtains and hung them out, cooked the  gammon joint for supper, prepped the veg and put the makings of a lemon sponge pudding out, just have to give it a whizz and do it in the micro, that will be dessert. Spending the restof the afternoon reading on the settee.

Did sleep much better last night, we went up to bed just after 9pm and I was asleep by 10pm.

Not such a nice day, very cloudy and a cool wind, Brrrrr.

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