Thursday, 30 April 2015

Royal visit over

SIL was late, whats new, just managed to get rid of her to allow me to scoff some soup and a round of bread before I set off for the quilt group. I was devastated to find the tables had not been put up. Had to set to and put the room out myself. Quite a good lesson. went by very quickly.As usual I am shattered.

OH went over to Tesco to get the paper with an Aldi voucher in only to find there was no voucher in either of the usual papers, wonder what happened there then.

Its been a fine but very cold day, I put the heating on before SIL came, I know like me she feels the cold.

Tomorrow we have a visit for another INR, then to post some parcels and on to take some pots from the garden.

I was so glad I did the veg for supper this morning, I just had to cook them when I got home, just finished supper, I will be tied to the settee for the rest of the evening.


  1. There wasn't a big voucher - but what vouchers there were, were in last week's paper. I believe that there were just some little vouchers for individual items but I didn't bother with it as from what I could find out, they weren't things that I would particularly be interested in. There was a £5 off £40 one for Lidl in several of the papers on Saturday last weekend, so I got one of those and went there for a change - and it is closer for me too. Aldi perhaps think that they have lured enough of us in on a regular basis so they don't need to keep putting out the vouchers - shame!

  2. We did that too last week bought the paper to find there was no voucher , What a disappointment xxx


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