Saturday, 25 April 2015

Rain? what rain?

We were forecast rain from lunchtime today, so far, some black clouds but no rain. I washed the towels etc from the bathroon this morning, they are merrily burling round on the whirly.

Late start this morning, just after 9am when I came down to start the breakfast. Did the Friday clean, it had not been done for 3 weeks with all the excitement!!. Then decided if it was going to rain I needed to cut the back grass, another job done, I just need to go round the edges with the shears, but that can wait till tomorrow.

DB is having his siesta, so I have got the backing onto another small quilt. I used the carpet in the sitting room and then slid my largest cutting mat underneath so I could pin through the three layers without attaching it to the carpet with the pins.

Have someone coming to collect a caravan lead a little later, once they have been will retire to the sewing room to quilt it, very simply in the ditch just to hold it together. I will put the binding on another day.

The warm weather has brought a lot of the garden back to life, the lilies are about 6 inches high and the hostas starting to come through as well. The square foot garden will be taken to bits, I have some plants that can go in, bits I have grown from cuttings. Some of the clematis on the side wall do not seem to be doing much, the others are going fine. Not sure if the camelia is going to throw any flowers this year, will have to feed it through the summer. The azalea has come back well after its vicious haircut last back end, its almost fully out. It seems strange not to be planning what is going into the garden, some of it will be going with us, I will be taking some cuttings and potting them up. Not as many as we brought here though.

We came past the old house yesterday on our way back from the hospital, it looks like the LL is stripping out kitchens etc for sale, I know our bath was a 1920's one with claw feet, the taps were the same vintage. It is so sad that another of Melton's old properties is to be replaced by 9 modern executive  houses.

I think DGD is going to have the wardrobe from the back bedroom, its almost empty, Some of the coats are going to have to hang on a coat rack on the wall somewhere. Not room for them all in the big wardrobe.

I have another pile of stuff to go to the charity shop and also some pots to go back to the lady who gave me them in the first place. I need to sort out the airing cupboard lots of single bed stuff in there, will have to see what we can do about the two single bed duvets I have. I might keep one against me having to sleep on the sofa bed but the other one can go along with the cover and pillowcases I made to go on it. I also have a King size white cover with lace inserts, I might take that to bits and save the lace to use on something else. Phew that lots is going to take me a couple of weeks at least.

Lots of decision to make some of which can only be made when we see what our accommodation is like.........

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  1. I always wonder where these "executives" come from to buy these new homes.....I agree with you..the older homes are better...more character Andrew history...


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