Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Normal life resumes......

Mind you for us everyday is very much the same holidays or no.

Towels on the line, I also washed the throw that usually sits on the settee.

We had a couple come to look at said settee this morning, they want one for their guest room. I doubt if we will hear from them again. I asked that they let me know as the furniture project is due to pick it up on Thursday.

I have put the binding on a play mat, just have to sew it down. I have done it differently this time, not sure if I like it or not. Have the threads to slide in from the quilting, lots of them hanging about, should not take me too long.

OH requested cheese pie for his supper, so will open some baked beans to have with it. A big pot of scotch broth made this morning, we had some for lunch, enough left for a couple more days. I need to get my brain into gear for our trip next week. 

Yesterdays bed linen ironed and in the airing cupboard, will get the towels etc in shortly, hope they are dry, or they will have to finish off in the dryer.

DB spent the morning in the garden, lots of the spring flowers showing their faces. Some of the clematis look a bit sorry for them selves, will have to wait and see if they start to shoot, I think a couple of them are summer ones, so they will not shoot for a few weeks.

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