Thursday, 2 April 2015

Nice Morning

Sun shining, coolish, but I have had the back door open all morning. DB has been sorting out the shed, loads of stuff to rehome or stick in the bin. DD2 is coming in for a load of bird seed, feeders etc for starters. We have a drawer full of low wattage light bulbs. I bought special energy saving bulbs last year, so they will never be used. I am not sure if the charity shop will take them.

Two more crates emptied for the CS shop will try and get in with them tomorrow when we meet DD2 and DGD to go to the flicks.

Halogen heater collected this morning, the chap was a retired Jockey, very slow, walking must be awfully painful, he is waiting for replacement hips and knees. There is nothing that can be done for his hands though, nerve damage.

The settee is still sitting in the sitting room, so have had to have a bit of a move round to get the new one in under the stairs as far as possible, fun and games till the other one goes.

There will be some seeds later, will list what we have, it will be first come gets them.

OK, these are the seeds:


Spinach beet.
Hungarian hot wax peppers.
Chantenay carrots.
Polestar runner beans.
60 day Broccoli.
Moneymaker tomato's.


Livingstone daisy.

First come first served, send me a message with your address and I will post them off. Obviously I will not be publishing your message.

OK the flowers go to Kathy.


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