Monday, 13 April 2015


A decent nights sleep, have done the Monday clean, it wasn't bad as DB is not here, a quick tidy round in the sitting room too.

A fine morning so a load of laundry is whirling round on the whirly, it should be dry before I set off for the hospital.

I rang just after 9am, he was talking to the social worker, so I am hopeful that we will get some help when he does come out. I think it may be tomorrow or possibly Wednesday. They want to get him settled on the new medication, I just hope it does not do what the propanalol did to him 8 years ago. I can do without another blue light ride thank you. I am going in about 4pm after the clinics close for the day, I might be able to get in the car park easier then.

I am going to spend the rest of the day relaxing. I did feel a bit off yesterday but guess that was the stress headache, better this morning.


Went in to see DB he has been sitting out of bed all day and looked much better, they have moved all the chaps further up the ward. The Dr came whilst I was there they have ordered an MRI scan, they are a bit concerned that he has a weak grip in his left hand. He is off caffeinated tea and coffee. I will have to see if de-caff ground coffee is available. He also has to have an echo cardiogram to check his heart function. I was there for about an hour and a half. Called to see DD2 on the way home, she is coming with me to see him tomorrow.

Supper tonight was a jacket spud with cheese and coleslaw, a pear for afters.


  1. Hope they get the bottom of it and you have some answers soon. It seems such a trying time for you. Xx

  2. Glad to hear that he is looking a little better - let's hope that these new tablets will sort him out properly this time xxx

  3. Sounds like they are at least trying a few things this time. Hope it works! Maybe the new test will find something they can treat or fix.
    You get some rest and take care of yourself.

    I mentioned in the other post that I have a heart thingy...and...I take propranolol/Inderal LA. It was the only one that would work for me out of the 6-drugs they tried. That was 28-years ago. I hate taking meds, too!


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