Wednesday, 29 April 2015

It Rained

last night, by this morning it had stopped, but it was sooo cold.

We went to get our feet done, I had an altercation with DB in the car out the car and told him to drive the b..... thing, he has done nothing but pick holes in my driving since he came out of hospital. I have threatened to sell the car (its mine).

DD2 came for an hour this afternoon. she is on her last nights before she goes on holiday and comes back to her new job.

I heard from my friend in Florida, she and her husband are travelling back to New Hampshire next week so she can see a neurologist about her brain scan.

Sun is out but the wind is bitter, I put the heating on again earlier this afternoon, I was frozen.

I decided to treat myself to a wheeled bag for my sewing machine, it has just arrived, been unpacked and filled, can get quite a lot into it, but need to watch the weight for lifting. Lots of zipped pockets, takes my 12.5" square ruler which is brilliant. much of my equipment goes in as well. I have now condensed 2 large shopping bags and two small carriers into two wheeled bags and a small carrier......will pack the car in the morning before SIL arrives.

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