Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Is This Summer??

Another sunny day and warm enough to sit out.

A quick trip to town this morning, then morning tea and lunch sat in the garden, laundry dry, just needs folding and put away. I guess afternoon tea will also be taken in the garden as the sun reaches the back patio.

DB worked on the herbaceous bed this morning, some chicken manure spread on it. Lots of things popping their heads up, not the hostas though, its a bit early for them. No sign of the lilies either.

Chap came to look at my computer this morning, something had come onto Chrome when an 'ask' task bar appeared a while ago, thats what was causing the problem. Bitdefender had also detected an attempted fraud. No idea what it was but just to be safe I have changed my bank pass words. Phew, not tat they would have got away with much, there is nowt in there!!

DB went for his siesta, called me just after 2pm with the news that he had both a dizzy and palpitations!! Woo Hoo not........ its 24 days since he last had palps, so not so bad, but only aa few days since the last dizzy. I can  see our holiday being a bundle of laughs at the rate we are going.

Supper prepped, fortunately the palps do not affect his appetite, so supper will be taken as normal.

Its been a lovely day, clouding over a bit now, fingers crossed it does not rain. DB wnats to cut the grass at the end of the week.

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