Wednesday, 1 April 2015


Another windy day, got another whirly of washing dried this morning, The sun keeps coming and going.

We had someone ring this morning for the Aquaroll we sold the other day. They could not understand why it was no longer available!! She saw the advert last week, ok then why did she not ring then????

I had some sad news from my friend in the US. She had an incident when she was driving, so her husband took her to the local hospital, she was in for 2 days. They have found a non malignant lesion in her brain and also white cell disease which can be a pre-cursor for dementia and Alzheimer's. She is quite a bit younger than me.

DB went to the bowls club this morning to help clear the place and get ready for the new season. No one else turned up. Apparently they changed the day and did not have the courtesy to let him know. He is very peeved.

I made another pot of soup and prepared a chicken casserole for supper tonight. 

My quilting friend bought me lilies at the weekend, they are just coming out, the smell is delicious, reminds me of the beautiful lilies we had in the house in the summer.

The daffs I bought had to be thrown away, they never came out properly and then died off. I bought more yesterday at Tesco and they are coming out this morning.

Plans afoot to meet a friend on the way down to Suffolk, it will be nice to see her. 

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  1. So sorry that your friend is ill. Hopefully now they have found this they may be able to treat it now and the outcome may be better... I have free daffs as they grow all over at my stables so I jst go and pick...


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