Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Hey Ho whats new??

Took DB for his INR, not moved, so another injection tonight and his warferin tablets have been increased. So nothing new there. He is now complaining that he is tired. Have sent him to bed yet again, despite sleeping for 10 hours last night. I hope its not affecting his heart as the medication did before, it slowed his heart down so much he just could not keep awake. I think I will have to check it later and see.

Nipped into Morrisons for some bits and bobs, picked up a blade shoulder of lamb for £5, will do us several meals.

Lovely day, may cut the back lawn this afternoon, will see how I feel after lunch. Managed to clean the bathroom this morning. Once DB gets up will shove the hoover round our bedroom and the sewing room carpets.

Did not get the lawn cut after all, decided to have a nap instead.

Supper prepped just need to cook the fritatta, salad all ready on the plates in the fridge.

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