Friday, 3 April 2015

Good Friday

The roads will be choked with traffic going away for the weekend. At one time we would be with them towing the caravan, but in recent years we have stayed at home on Bank holidays and now go away out of season. It suits us, not so many people around and we can get a real rest or potter around, what ever we feel like doing.

Waiting for the chap with the settee, he was due at my friends at 9am, so should be with us anytime, I hope he has sat nav and can find us. Friday clean done, did the sitting room yesterday when I moved the furniture, kitchen done this morning, so all clean for the break.

Its a dull grey morning, a bit of drizzle which makes it uncomfortable. We are off to the flicks tonight, have a couple of jobs to do in the town first. Having our supper at lunch time, I will make sandwiches for supper with a scone, should keep the system fuelled up. We will have it before we go out.

The settee has arrived, it is as I expected smaller than the one we presently have, fine for one person to sleep on if needed. I will try and get another set of covers if I can, my friend tells me there is a company who makes covers for Ikea furniture.

Its standing under the stairs for now, will move it into its proper place once the other settee has gone.

Nice chap delivered it, Our neightbour helped him in with it, for which we are very grateful.

Sorry late posting, just got in from the cinema, enjoyed the film very much, well worth going to see.

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