Saturday, 4 April 2015

Easter Saturday

and true to form, it looks like rain!!

Good time at the flicks last night, we all enjoyed it very much. The cinema was bought by a couple a few years ago, it has been nicely done up and seats about 300. Run a bit like a film club, you have to book. They have a cafe/wine bar and you can take your drinks into the cinema, each seat has a cup holder, cups etc are proper ones not those awful polystyrene ones.

DGD asked ne to turn up a pair of trousers, they are too long, had a welt on the bottom its took me all morning to get the welts off, sewn to death, do not think they thought about anybody trying to alter then. I need to press the bottoms and then nip over to DD.s and try them on, not sure if she wants the welts putting back on the bottom or not. Want to get them done for tomorrow, her mum is coming here for lunch.

Its DD1.s wedding anniversary 34 the day. I remember it well, it was freezing.

Quick trip to DD.s to try trousers, now finished and pressed. So far ir has not rained, but it is very dull.


  1. The cinema sounds really sweet.

  2. I hope your Easter Sunday is warmer and you can enjoy the day.
    Blessings to you, hubby, and your family.
    Hugs - Mary


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