Monday, 6 April 2015

Easter Monday

Fine morning, so the sheets etc were off the bed, in the washer and out on the line, I also washed the throw that lives on DB's chair. Towels in to do tonight, will put them out in the morning, hopefully they are dry, will be nipping out in a mo to fetch them in.

Monday clean done with a bit of help from DB, he likes using the dyson. He walked along to the pillar box before lunch to post a letter for me.

I spent some time this morning quilting a play mat, just stitch in the ditch, binding cut ready to go on, but I have had enough for today.

Took the remaining lamb off the bone, enough for supper tonight and some for the freezer. Will do the bone in the pressure cooker tomorrow and make some scotch broth. Salad and a jacket potato tonight.

Nothing else to report, very quiet day. Apparently the traffic is queuing back almost to the town to get into Twinlakes, guess they have had a good day. DD2 used to take the grandchildren there when they were small. They insisted on going every holiday.

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