Sunday, 5 April 2015

Easter Day

No long lie this morning, DD2 coming for lunch, so a late lunch, no cooked supper for us today.

Veggies done, apples cored, sliced and softened for crumble, just about to do the crumble topping and make a lemon drizzle cake.

It was quite grey when we got up, but it has brightened up over the last hour. No rain forecast, so should get the laundry dry on the whirly this week.

I need to firm up the menu for our holiday and cook mince for bol, we always have spag bol the first night we are away. Its become a bit of a tradition. I will also make a carton of soup to take frozen, it will thaw in the caravan fridge. cake to make, we can have some with custard for dessert if I run short of dessert ideas. We have been researching fish and chip restaurants in the local area. A bit pricey but I emptied the money tin for just such an occasion.


Lunch was very nice, Lamb delicious as always. DD2 brought us a chocolate easter bunny each. She has just gone home for a rest before she gets ready for work tonight.

It did brighten up a bit during the day, but no real sun and quite cold.

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