Saturday, 11 April 2015

As expected I did not sleep too well last night. I was still awake at 3am and then woke at 5am with a raging thirst, so made a cup of tea and promptly went back to sleep again, my mobile woke me at 7.30 but could not hear anything and then the phone went dead.

I rang at 9am but DB was having a wash, so decided to get myself sorted and go in for 11am. DB was lying on the bed, pain in his chest again and he had a headache, but then he had one yesterday too.

I spoke to the Staff nurse who was looking after him, she told me the consultant was going to be doing a round if I wanted to stay and speak to him, which of course I wanted to. He came just as DB was eating his lunch. 

No stroke, no heart problems we are once again left with the skeletal/muscular thing from before which is most annoying. In other words they do not know what causes the pain and do not seem interested in doing anything about it. They are keeping DB in for another 24 hours. All being well I will fetch him tomorrow afternoon. I aske about our holiday and was told it would be ok for him to go, so go we will. Not that I am looking forward to it anymore, I have been this way before and I know it will be moans all the way.

When I got home I made myself something to eat and got into bed for an hour. Cooking mince for spag bol to take away with us. I need to try and sort myself out and get food etc ready to go.

Nothing much on TV tonight so I guess it will be early to bed and try and get a bit more sleep.

I have a feeling that once this is over I am going to be worn to a frazel again.

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  1. So sorry Edwin is in the hospital and hope so much he will be able to come home soon.
    Try to enjoy your holiday dear - you have earned it!
    Take care of you too.
    Love, Mary


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