Friday, 24 April 2015

ARGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH hospital Car parking

Another nice day, sunny and quite warm out of the wind. We had an appointment for DB to get a carotid artery scan. Set off over an hour before the appointment time, called at the PO to post a parcel. We arrived at the road the hospital is on, the traffic tail back was over a mile. We kept moving forward very slowly, the time for his appointment was getting closer, we had no choice but to use one of the car parks independently operated. We just made it in time for his appointment. Result, carotid artery fine, no problems at all. We got back to the car within the hour so just £2 for parking, We had cheese and pickle sandwiches when we got home. DB went for his siesta, I read for a while, then we went to the library.

The centre of the town was in a real mess, a large Royal Mail lorry had broken down at the junction of 4 roads, luckily we were going the other way, but the snarl up was something else, we live a mile or so out of the town and all roads going into the town were jammed solid.

The multi hangers came today and I have managed to get most of the things from 2 wardrobes into one. I just need to go through my things and see what else can go to the charity shop. I have put my wedding suit and also DB's dinner suit on one side to go. The airing cupboard needs going through as well, I have sheets from the single bed that we used to have as well as the bedding from the caravan. The charity shop supports our local children's hospice Rainbows, so I know the money is being used for a really good cause. We took in several plastic crates today from the sewing room.

I am shattered, so will be sitting reading tonight till bedtime and having a lie in tomorrow. I want to cut the grass before it starts to rain.


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