Thursday, 23 April 2015

Another Dollar another day

Quite a misty start this morning, by lunch time the sun was out and my load of laundry was drying on the whirly.

The lady from the WRVS came, but no help available, so I am forced to consider leaving DB for 4 hours next Thursday or cancelling the class. I will see how he is after the weekend.

DD2 due this afternoon, she was to come yesterday but had a late invitation for lunch from her son and his lady friend.

Washing all dry, most folded and put away, just a couple of things that need a quick iron. Talking about downsizing, I have sent off for some of those hangers you can put 6 coat hangers on and they drop down. DB has 16 shirts in his side of the wardrobe, if I can get them to hang down I can get his coats in there and I can get his kilt, dinner suit and best suit in my side with my coat. That means I can sell the wardrobe from the back bedroom. I think my DGD might have it, would have to get it taken over to her. Luckily it comes into 3 pieces. My daughter might have the dresser from the kitchen, she is thinking about it. I need a trip up to the attic see whats in there that can go. I put an advert on freecycle offering plant pots etc, we have hundreds of the things, not taking them with us.

There is also a small sideboard in the sitting room which may find itself winging its way to a new home.

At this rate the house will be empty before we move.......

Supper prepped, just need to cook the veggies and heat up the mince.


  1. I used a length of chain to hang things on but they are much more fiddly to use than the proper thing; good for out of season or rarely used stuff though.

  2. The Red Cross do a befriending scheme, also Age UK.

  3. You are doing a great job of downsizing and letting things go. It's so difficult to make those decisions sometimes, on what can stay or what needs to go, so WELL DONE to you for getting on with it and planning ahead. It is truly amazing just how little we need in life to still lead a GOOD life.


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