Saturday, 18 April 2015

And So

It seems Friday night is to be the night I lay awake, 3.30am this morning before I dropped off.

DB is being his usual mardy self, I am going to have to throw the toys out the pram yet again!! He has been in and out of bed like a yo yo today.

DD2 came this afternoon, she is looking forward to her new job, she has 3 weeks to go then a weeks holiday and she is on a course for the first week, its at Ruddington just outside Nottingham. I will take her and collect her, the bus is a pain. If she  goes on the bus it goes into Nottingham and then she has to get another bus out.

A lovely day, bright sunshine, but cool in the breeze, no laundry out today, I have ironed the bed linen from yesterday its in the airing cupboard airing.

I am spending the rest of the afternoon reading. DB is watching the snooker. Supper just needs re-heating, so should not take long.

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