Monday, 20 April 2015

A new week

Lovely sunny morning, slight breeze. Pity I have no washing, may be tomorrow.

Finished one play mat yesterday, its been hanging about for at least 4 years have another one to layer up, might have the kitchen table right out and do it this afternoon.

Had to get really cross with DB yesterday, he makes me so cross, he knows the only person who can get better is him, but I always have to loose my temper with him to get him to pull himself together. Seems to have worked, fingers crossed.

Into town for DB to get his INR checked, he needs the 4th dose of heparin but the authorization was only for 3, getting the 4th one authorized has been a nightmare between our GP and the hospital.

Had our morning tea in the garden, very pleasant, bread maker on, have also done cauliflower cheese to have for supper tonight with a jacket spud.

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