Thursday, 30 April 2015

Royal visit over

SIL was late, whats new, just managed to get rid of her to allow me to scoff some soup and a round of bread before I set off for the quilt group. I was devastated to find the tables had not been put up. Had to set to and put the room out myself. Quite a good lesson. went by very quickly.As usual I am shattered.

OH went over to Tesco to get the paper with an Aldi voucher in only to find there was no voucher in either of the usual papers, wonder what happened there then.

Its been a fine but very cold day, I put the heating on before SIL came, I know like me she feels the cold.

Tomorrow we have a visit for another INR, then to post some parcels and on to take some pots from the garden.

I was so glad I did the veg for supper this morning, I just had to cook them when I got home, just finished supper, I will be tied to the settee for the rest of the evening.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

It Rained

last night, by this morning it had stopped, but it was sooo cold.

We went to get our feet done, I had an altercation with DB in the car out the car and told him to drive the b..... thing, he has done nothing but pick holes in my driving since he came out of hospital. I have threatened to sell the car (its mine).

DD2 came for an hour this afternoon. she is on her last nights before she goes on holiday and comes back to her new job.

I heard from my friend in Florida, she and her husband are travelling back to New Hampshire next week so she can see a neurologist about her brain scan.

Sun is out but the wind is bitter, I put the heating on again earlier this afternoon, I was frozen.

I decided to treat myself to a wheeled bag for my sewing machine, it has just arrived, been unpacked and filled, can get quite a lot into it, but need to watch the weight for lifting. Lots of zipped pockets, takes my 12.5" square ruler which is brilliant. much of my equipment goes in as well. I have now condensed 2 large shopping bags and two small carriers into two wheeled bags and a small carrier......will pack the car in the morning before SIL arrives.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Still No Rain

It turned very cold last night, had to put the leccy blanket on for a few minutes, I was so cold when I got into bed. Not much better this morning, it was sunny but the wind has gone to the north so very chilly. We did nip across to Tesco to get frozen fish, just dropped lucky breaded and battered haddock, 3 boxes found their way into the basket.

OH was tired when we got back so went to bed for an hour, I think the combination of his heart pill and and the anti sickness pill are causing him to feel drowsy, so will drop the anti sickness pill tomorrow and see what happens.

Made a round of shortbread for coffee on Thursday morning, smells good anyway. Spent the rest of the morning reading.

It turned very cold after lunch, I put the heating back on for a bit, still no rain, sun shining.

DD2 coming tomorrow afternoon, she starts her last few nights in her job tomorrow. She and DGD are off to Majorca for a week and on her return she starts her new job.

Monday, 27 April 2015

All change after today

Lovely bright morning again but much colder than yesterday, laundry out on the line and dried. We are told we will get rain tonight and its to last for most of the week, so its bye bye sunny days!!

Monday clean done DB dysoned the carpets for me. I went through the airing cupboard and cleared the top shelf, just towels and small bits left in there now.

This afternoon we had a LL inspection by the agents. The chap that used to do it has left, he is now selling houses with a local estate agent.

Then a trip into town For DB's INR, I went into Morrisons and we arrived back at the car at the same time. Dropped DB's dinner suit and my wedding suit into the charity shop along with a few other things.......clutter is disappearing. I also spent a few minutes sewing the backing on a pot holder, I have to turn it through and finish it by top stitching round.

Cold chicken and salad fro supper tonight, I made a cheese cake yesterday, we will finish it off tonight.

Sunday, 26 April 2015


The rain came in the night, the table outside was wet when I went out this morning.

Late up, had our usual Sunday fruit and croissant breakfast. DB decided to sort out the paper work in the cupboard and shred what is no longer needed. I have made him keep 6 years tax stuff etc.

He retired to bed dizzy just before lunch but was not in bed long. Had his usual siesta and then went out for a short walk. I managed to machine the binding on another quilt and stitch it down.

It was rather dull when we got up, but eventually the sun came out, it was still quite cold in the breeze. 

Chicken for supper all prepped just got to cook it.

Busy week coming up, various things on including another INR test for DB and a visit to get out feet seen to. Patchwork group on Thursday, I am going to have to risk leaving DB at home, I just cannot get anyone to sit with him whilst I am out.

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Rain? what rain?

We were forecast rain from lunchtime today, so far, some black clouds but no rain. I washed the towels etc from the bathroon this morning, they are merrily burling round on the whirly.

Late start this morning, just after 9am when I came down to start the breakfast. Did the Friday clean, it had not been done for 3 weeks with all the excitement!!. Then decided if it was going to rain I needed to cut the back grass, another job done, I just need to go round the edges with the shears, but that can wait till tomorrow.

DB is having his siesta, so I have got the backing onto another small quilt. I used the carpet in the sitting room and then slid my largest cutting mat underneath so I could pin through the three layers without attaching it to the carpet with the pins.

Have someone coming to collect a caravan lead a little later, once they have been will retire to the sewing room to quilt it, very simply in the ditch just to hold it together. I will put the binding on another day.

The warm weather has brought a lot of the garden back to life, the lilies are about 6 inches high and the hostas starting to come through as well. The square foot garden will be taken to bits, I have some plants that can go in, bits I have grown from cuttings. Some of the clematis on the side wall do not seem to be doing much, the others are going fine. Not sure if the camelia is going to throw any flowers this year, will have to feed it through the summer. The azalea has come back well after its vicious haircut last back end, its almost fully out. It seems strange not to be planning what is going into the garden, some of it will be going with us, I will be taking some cuttings and potting them up. Not as many as we brought here though.

We came past the old house yesterday on our way back from the hospital, it looks like the LL is stripping out kitchens etc for sale, I know our bath was a 1920's one with claw feet, the taps were the same vintage. It is so sad that another of Melton's old properties is to be replaced by 9 modern executive  houses.

I think DGD is going to have the wardrobe from the back bedroom, its almost empty, Some of the coats are going to have to hang on a coat rack on the wall somewhere. Not room for them all in the big wardrobe.

I have another pile of stuff to go to the charity shop and also some pots to go back to the lady who gave me them in the first place. I need to sort out the airing cupboard lots of single bed stuff in there, will have to see what we can do about the two single bed duvets I have. I might keep one against me having to sleep on the sofa bed but the other one can go along with the cover and pillowcases I made to go on it. I also have a King size white cover with lace inserts, I might take that to bits and save the lace to use on something else. Phew that lots is going to take me a couple of weeks at least.

Lots of decision to make some of which can only be made when we see what our accommodation is like.........

Friday, 24 April 2015

ARGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH hospital Car parking

Another nice day, sunny and quite warm out of the wind. We had an appointment for DB to get a carotid artery scan. Set off over an hour before the appointment time, called at the PO to post a parcel. We arrived at the road the hospital is on, the traffic tail back was over a mile. We kept moving forward very slowly, the time for his appointment was getting closer, we had no choice but to use one of the car parks independently operated. We just made it in time for his appointment. Result, carotid artery fine, no problems at all. We got back to the car within the hour so just £2 for parking, We had cheese and pickle sandwiches when we got home. DB went for his siesta, I read for a while, then we went to the library.

The centre of the town was in a real mess, a large Royal Mail lorry had broken down at the junction of 4 roads, luckily we were going the other way, but the snarl up was something else, we live a mile or so out of the town and all roads going into the town were jammed solid.

The multi hangers came today and I have managed to get most of the things from 2 wardrobes into one. I just need to go through my things and see what else can go to the charity shop. I have put my wedding suit and also DB's dinner suit on one side to go. The airing cupboard needs going through as well, I have sheets from the single bed that we used to have as well as the bedding from the caravan. The charity shop supports our local children's hospice Rainbows, so I know the money is being used for a really good cause. We took in several plastic crates today from the sewing room.

I am shattered, so will be sitting reading tonight till bedtime and having a lie in tomorrow. I want to cut the grass before it starts to rain.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Another Dollar another day

Quite a misty start this morning, by lunch time the sun was out and my load of laundry was drying on the whirly.

The lady from the WRVS came, but no help available, so I am forced to consider leaving DB for 4 hours next Thursday or cancelling the class. I will see how he is after the weekend.

DD2 due this afternoon, she was to come yesterday but had a late invitation for lunch from her son and his lady friend.

Washing all dry, most folded and put away, just a couple of things that need a quick iron. Talking about downsizing, I have sent off for some of those hangers you can put 6 coat hangers on and they drop down. DB has 16 shirts in his side of the wardrobe, if I can get them to hang down I can get his coats in there and I can get his kilt, dinner suit and best suit in my side with my coat. That means I can sell the wardrobe from the back bedroom. I think my DGD might have it, would have to get it taken over to her. Luckily it comes into 3 pieces. My daughter might have the dresser from the kitchen, she is thinking about it. I need a trip up to the attic see whats in there that can go. I put an advert on freecycle offering plant pots etc, we have hundreds of the things, not taking them with us.

There is also a small sideboard in the sitting room which may find itself winging its way to a new home.

At this rate the house will be empty before we move.......

Supper prepped, just need to cook the veggies and heat up the mince.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Thank Goodness

INR again this morning, Dr is happy with it so we are back on weekly visits for the time being. We had quite a wait in the surgery, managed to make our other appointment in time.

Look round a sheltered housing complex just on the outskirts of the town, away from the main road. Unusually it has a warden living in, but it does make a difference to the rent, however.......we saw one flat which was adequate, some things would have to go but we expected that, its just finding space for my machine etc to carry on quilting, we might have to loose a wardrobe to give me enough space to sew in the bedroom. There is a large cupboard where I could store all the fabric etc. At the moment only some of the flats have a shower unit over the bath, but there is a big shower room on the ground floor, so we could use that at a pinch. Reasonable kitchen with room for a fridge freezer. A laundry room on the ground floor and whirlies out in the garden to dry laundry on. There are dryers for wet days There is also a garden and we can take what we like with us. There is a lady who does the garden, but we were told that any help would be welcome, so we will have to see.

We were shown round by the warden, we both got the feeling that she had final say as to who gets a vacancy. It is a unit we would be happy in, small but ok even for that. We can do as we like, put things on the wall etc and may be able to use the freestat box we have. Some of the residents were enjoying a coffee morning in the communal sitting room. The park is quite close and DB would be able to go and watch them playing cricket in the summer. We could walk to the library and shops. Aldi are hoping to build just across the road, although it might be a couple of years before that happens.

 Not too far from DD2 either and DGD would also be within walking distance.

Started off a bright day but towards lunch time it started to cloud over, the weather is due to change at the weekend, so guess the laundry will get done tomorrow so I can dry it outside.

WRVS lady coming tomorrow to see what we can do about someone coming to be with DB when I go to do the quilting class, I really do not want to have to take him with me, he is no good with the sewing machine!!

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Hey Ho whats new??

Took DB for his INR, not moved, so another injection tonight and his warferin tablets have been increased. So nothing new there. He is now complaining that he is tired. Have sent him to bed yet again, despite sleeping for 10 hours last night. I hope its not affecting his heart as the medication did before, it slowed his heart down so much he just could not keep awake. I think I will have to check it later and see.

Nipped into Morrisons for some bits and bobs, picked up a blade shoulder of lamb for £5, will do us several meals.

Lovely day, may cut the back lawn this afternoon, will see how I feel after lunch. Managed to clean the bathroom this morning. Once DB gets up will shove the hoover round our bedroom and the sewing room carpets.

Did not get the lawn cut after all, decided to have a nap instead.

Supper prepped just need to cook the fritatta, salad all ready on the plates in the fridge.

Monday, 20 April 2015

A new week

Lovely sunny morning, slight breeze. Pity I have no washing, may be tomorrow.

Finished one play mat yesterday, its been hanging about for at least 4 years have another one to layer up, might have the kitchen table right out and do it this afternoon.

Had to get really cross with DB yesterday, he makes me so cross, he knows the only person who can get better is him, but I always have to loose my temper with him to get him to pull himself together. Seems to have worked, fingers crossed.

Into town for DB to get his INR checked, he needs the 4th dose of heparin but the authorization was only for 3, getting the 4th one authorized has been a nightmare between our GP and the hospital.

Had our morning tea in the garden, very pleasant, bread maker on, have also done cauliflower cheese to have for supper tonight with a jacket spud.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Slow start

I decided that this morning I was going to have a slow start. I came down and made up two dishes of the pineapple and oranges mix we have for Sunday breakfast, made De caff coffee for DB and ordinary for me, put the croissant in the micro to defrost and warm through and went back to bed. Came back down to collect the croissant and then lazed in bed reading until 10.30, got DB up at the same time although he has been back to bed since. I think the heart pills are causing him to feel sick, he has some medication for that, so gave him it and he went  back to bed for an hour. I think I am going to ask the Dr. if its ok to give him the anti sickness pill with or just after his heart tablet first thing in the morning,one tablet covers about 8 hours so should last over the second dose at tea time too.

Since I have been up I have washed the kitchen curtains and hung them out, cooked the  gammon joint for supper, prepped the veg and put the makings of a lemon sponge pudding out, just have to give it a whizz and do it in the micro, that will be dessert. Spending the restof the afternoon reading on the settee.

Did sleep much better last night, we went up to bed just after 9pm and I was asleep by 10pm.

Not such a nice day, very cloudy and a cool wind, Brrrrr.

Saturday, 18 April 2015

And So

It seems Friday night is to be the night I lay awake, 3.30am this morning before I dropped off.

DB is being his usual mardy self, I am going to have to throw the toys out the pram yet again!! He has been in and out of bed like a yo yo today.

DD2 came this afternoon, she is looking forward to her new job, she has 3 weeks to go then a weeks holiday and she is on a course for the first week, its at Ruddington just outside Nottingham. I will take her and collect her, the bus is a pain. If she  goes on the bus it goes into Nottingham and then she has to get another bus out.

A lovely day, bright sunshine, but cool in the breeze, no laundry out today, I have ironed the bed linen from yesterday its in the airing cupboard airing.

I am spending the rest of the afternoon reading. DB is watching the snooker. Supper just needs re-heating, so should not take long.

Friday, 17 April 2015

Todays another day

By the time we got home last night we were both exhausted. So scrambled egg on toast and bed for both of us.

DB slept the night through, this morning his left arm was over his head and his grip was fine, need to check his leg though. He had breakfast in bed and has slept for a while since then. I will get him up in about an hour, shower and dress him and he can come down for lunch. He has a relaxer chair with the foot that lifts up and the back adjusts, so I will see if he will have a nap in that after lunch. He says he feels very tired. He did sleep in hospital they it was disturbed sleep, so he needs a couple of days to catch up.

The nurse is due around tea time to give him his heparin injection, he has to have one a day for the next three days. He also has an appointment for an NRI test on MOnday to see if the count has come up again.

I have managed to do a load of laundry and hang it out and also wash the kitchen floor. Need to ring SS on Monday for them to come and do an assessment and see if we can get pushed up the list a bit. I also have to ring and get us put back on the waiting list for Mowbray House.

Soup on the stove for lunch.

DB went back to bed after lunch, he got up for supper, the district nurse came to give him his heparin injection, I also gave him his warfarin and his heart tablet, so apart from his medication when he goes to bed, thats the nursing for today, he has eaten and enjoyed his supper, fish, mash peas and parsley sauce. I made creme caramel for dessert with a banana sliced on top and a drizzle of maple syrup.

DD2 phoned to say that she has got the job she went for, as an opitical assistant in Vision Express in the town, so she will soon be working days rather than 12 hour nights.

I am shattered, 2laods of laundry done. Will be going to bed early and not getting up early tomorrow, its Saturday!!

Thursday, 16 April 2015


Waiting to hear of DB is coming out. I guess they are waiting to hear from the lab re his clotting rate and INR rate, he was also going to be seen by the physio's.

A load of washing done and hung out, almost dry just my rugby shirt is feeling a bit damp so its on a hanger.

I made it down to U3A to sort out the trip to the quilt show which was great. Need to have some lunch and then wait to hear if I should strip the bed and put cleen linen on. If not I will be off to the hospital around 3.45pm.

Well DB is home, we are both exhausted, it took 3 hours to discharge him got home just before 8pm, just had scrambled eggs on toast and a cup of tea, time for bed.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015


Another fine sunny morning, if the wind would drop it would be quite warm.

Breakfast in bed, just had my shower, another cuppa, will phone the hospital before I go to my friends, I might have to ring again from there if the Drs have not been.

No laundry this morning, if he is coming out I can do a full load tomorrow.

Will update later.

Lovely day with my friend, she gave me chicken for lunch, delicious.

OH phoned from the hospital the MRI scan showed a very small clot in the right side of his brain, which is why he has the slight weakness in his left arm and leg. He has to have heparin injections to boost his INR which is still very low. The physio's are going to see him in the morning and will give a report on what might help him at home etc. I am hoping that this might shove us up the list a bit to get a bungalow or flat with no stairs.

I spoke to the Dr, she showed me the scan, the clot is really very tiny. They think it happened when he had the ventricular fibrillation on Monday.

I will ring the hospital at lunchtime, and go in at my normal time tomorrow afternoon.

The traffic on the way home was horrendous. I called in to see DD2 and give her the news.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015


Breakfast had, laundry out on the line, doing a daily wash just now. Off shortly into town to the bank.

DD2 is coming this afternoon, I need fuel in the car and she has money off, will then travel into the hospital with the letters about the Echo scan they said they could not find.

More later when I have been to see him.


OH may be sent home tomorrow, they have not had the report from his MRI, once they have seen it they will probably discharge him. The medication for the palpitations seems to be working, he said he thought they were starting this morning, but there was a little 'bump' and nothing more. So it looks like thats one worry less. 

The traffic was horrendous both going in and out of the city this afternoon.......ambulances and police cars everywhere.

Laundry dried outside, brilliant.

I am going to see my quilting friend tomorrow morning, will go onto the hospital from there and see what they have to say.

DD2 was pleased to see him looking so much better, he had been sat out, but got on the bed when he came back from the scan, he sat out to eat his supper which they brought just as we were leaving.

Supper another jacket spud with cream cheese and coleslaw, yummy. Will have to sort out something for supper tomorrow if OH does come out.

Monday, 13 April 2015


A decent nights sleep, have done the Monday clean, it wasn't bad as DB is not here, a quick tidy round in the sitting room too.

A fine morning so a load of laundry is whirling round on the whirly, it should be dry before I set off for the hospital.

I rang just after 9am, he was talking to the social worker, so I am hopeful that we will get some help when he does come out. I think it may be tomorrow or possibly Wednesday. They want to get him settled on the new medication, I just hope it does not do what the propanalol did to him 8 years ago. I can do without another blue light ride thank you. I am going in about 4pm after the clinics close for the day, I might be able to get in the car park easier then.

I am going to spend the rest of the day relaxing. I did feel a bit off yesterday but guess that was the stress headache, better this morning.


Went in to see DB he has been sitting out of bed all day and looked much better, they have moved all the chaps further up the ward. The Dr came whilst I was there they have ordered an MRI scan, they are a bit concerned that he has a weak grip in his left hand. He is off caffeinated tea and coffee. I will have to see if de-caff ground coffee is available. He also has to have an echo cardiogram to check his heart function. I was there for about an hour and a half. Called to see DD2 on the way home, she is coming with me to see him tomorrow.

Supper tonight was a jacket spud with cheese and coleslaw, a pear for afters.

Sunday, 12 April 2015


It looks like DB a will be out today, they moved him last night to another ward. When I rang they were waiting for the Drs to go round. I hope he has the sense to ask for some stronger pain killers.

I was in bed just after 9pm, read for a while, but eventually just could not be bothered so put the light off and dozed off. Woke this morning with a headache, I wonder why?

Still in bed, will get up shortly, shower etc and then see about going in to collect him. It's costing an arm and a leg in parking fees.


I went in to collect DB and found him flat on his back, he had collapsed when a nurse made him walk to the toilet and had then developed palpitations, they are going to try him on some new medication, once they stabilise him he will be able to come home. Our holiday is definitely off, I have just emailed them.

I saw the social worker who is attached to the ward. I have a phone number to ring to get a befriender who would come in and keep an eye on DB when I am out.

I phoned my daughter and re-instated my dinner invite, chicken with all the trimmings, lime mouse with cream and strawberries, yummy.

Now home, washing in the machine for the morning, I will probably watch Poldark in bed. Thankfully my stress headache had been chased away with some medication.

Saturday, 11 April 2015

As expected I did not sleep too well last night. I was still awake at 3am and then woke at 5am with a raging thirst, so made a cup of tea and promptly went back to sleep again, my mobile woke me at 7.30 but could not hear anything and then the phone went dead.

I rang at 9am but DB was having a wash, so decided to get myself sorted and go in for 11am. DB was lying on the bed, pain in his chest again and he had a headache, but then he had one yesterday too.

I spoke to the Staff nurse who was looking after him, she told me the consultant was going to be doing a round if I wanted to stay and speak to him, which of course I wanted to. He came just as DB was eating his lunch. 

No stroke, no heart problems we are once again left with the skeletal/muscular thing from before which is most annoying. In other words they do not know what causes the pain and do not seem interested in doing anything about it. They are keeping DB in for another 24 hours. All being well I will fetch him tomorrow afternoon. I aske about our holiday and was told it would be ok for him to go, so go we will. Not that I am looking forward to it anymore, I have been this way before and I know it will be moans all the way.

When I got home I made myself something to eat and got into bed for an hour. Cooking mince for spag bol to take away with us. I need to try and sort myself out and get food etc ready to go.

Nothing much on TV tonight so I guess it will be early to bed and try and get a bit more sleep.

I have a feeling that once this is over I am going to be worn to a frazel again.

Friday, 10 April 2015


Just a week before we are due to go away and DB a is carted off to hospital. He started with palpitations just after breakfast, I made him rest on the bed, he developed chest pain, so 999 and off he went. He is waiting to be seen by the medical Drs and they will decide what to do. Waiting for them to ring me, then I will see about going in. May leave it until 4pm I know the limited car parking starts to empty then. I am determined that this time they sort everything out. I just cannot go on like this any more, another holiday cancelled.  Think dd2 might go in with me, will have to see. More news when I know more.


Just back from the hospital. DB out of it on morphine, still has chest pain and not a happy bunny. Dr came whilst we were there, he has not had a stroke, but they have not found a cause for the chest pain. So what's new? Nothing. DD2 and I stayed for a while, but then left to come home. I will go in again tomorrow afternoon if I can get parked.

DD2 made me a bacon sandwich when we got in, first I had to eat since my porridge this morning. Soon be time for bed!!

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Today is another day!

By the time we went to bed DB's palps had more or less gone so a decent nights sleep.DB had his break fast in bed, but then got up,showered and came down.

Th chaps fron the Fniture Project came for the settee, we had a job to find the BS details, but we did finally on the bottom. It took a bit of getting out, but eventually it was loaded in the lorry and away it went.

Put the dyson over the carpet and moved the new to us settee in its permanent situation.

We went to the library, 10 books each, so we have enough to take away with us next week.

DB went for his siesta, I made a magic cake for dessert tonight.

Not much else done really,  bit of research on the Internet and that was it.

Tomorrow is Friday and the weekend will be with us again.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Is This Summer??

Another sunny day and warm enough to sit out.

A quick trip to town this morning, then morning tea and lunch sat in the garden, laundry dry, just needs folding and put away. I guess afternoon tea will also be taken in the garden as the sun reaches the back patio.

DB worked on the herbaceous bed this morning, some chicken manure spread on it. Lots of things popping their heads up, not the hostas though, its a bit early for them. No sign of the lilies either.

Chap came to look at my computer this morning, something had come onto Chrome when an 'ask' task bar appeared a while ago, thats what was causing the problem. Bitdefender had also detected an attempted fraud. No idea what it was but just to be safe I have changed my bank pass words. Phew, not tat they would have got away with much, there is nowt in there!!

DB went for his siesta, called me just after 2pm with the news that he had both a dizzy and palpitations!! Woo Hoo not........ its 24 days since he last had palps, so not so bad, but only aa few days since the last dizzy. I can  see our holiday being a bundle of laughs at the rate we are going.

Supper prepped, fortunately the palps do not affect his appetite, so supper will be taken as normal.

Its been a lovely day, clouding over a bit now, fingers crossed it does not rain. DB wnats to cut the grass at the end of the week.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Normal life resumes......

Mind you for us everyday is very much the same holidays or no.

Towels on the line, I also washed the throw that usually sits on the settee.

We had a couple come to look at said settee this morning, they want one for their guest room. I doubt if we will hear from them again. I asked that they let me know as the furniture project is due to pick it up on Thursday.

I have put the binding on a play mat, just have to sew it down. I have done it differently this time, not sure if I like it or not. Have the threads to slide in from the quilting, lots of them hanging about, should not take me too long.

OH requested cheese pie for his supper, so will open some baked beans to have with it. A big pot of scotch broth made this morning, we had some for lunch, enough left for a couple more days. I need to get my brain into gear for our trip next week. 

Yesterdays bed linen ironed and in the airing cupboard, will get the towels etc in shortly, hope they are dry, or they will have to finish off in the dryer.

DB spent the morning in the garden, lots of the spring flowers showing their faces. Some of the clematis look a bit sorry for them selves, will have to wait and see if they start to shoot, I think a couple of them are summer ones, so they will not shoot for a few weeks.

Monday, 6 April 2015

Easter Monday

Fine morning, so the sheets etc were off the bed, in the washer and out on the line, I also washed the throw that lives on DB's chair. Towels in to do tonight, will put them out in the morning, hopefully they are dry, will be nipping out in a mo to fetch them in.

Monday clean done with a bit of help from DB, he likes using the dyson. He walked along to the pillar box before lunch to post a letter for me.

I spent some time this morning quilting a play mat, just stitch in the ditch, binding cut ready to go on, but I have had enough for today.

Took the remaining lamb off the bone, enough for supper tonight and some for the freezer. Will do the bone in the pressure cooker tomorrow and make some scotch broth. Salad and a jacket potato tonight.

Nothing else to report, very quiet day. Apparently the traffic is queuing back almost to the town to get into Twinlakes, guess they have had a good day. DD2 used to take the grandchildren there when they were small. They insisted on going every holiday.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Easter Day

No long lie this morning, DD2 coming for lunch, so a late lunch, no cooked supper for us today.

Veggies done, apples cored, sliced and softened for crumble, just about to do the crumble topping and make a lemon drizzle cake.

It was quite grey when we got up, but it has brightened up over the last hour. No rain forecast, so should get the laundry dry on the whirly this week.

I need to firm up the menu for our holiday and cook mince for bol, we always have spag bol the first night we are away. Its become a bit of a tradition. I will also make a carton of soup to take frozen, it will thaw in the caravan fridge. cake to make, we can have some with custard for dessert if I run short of dessert ideas. We have been researching fish and chip restaurants in the local area. A bit pricey but I emptied the money tin for just such an occasion.


Lunch was very nice, Lamb delicious as always. DD2 brought us a chocolate easter bunny each. She has just gone home for a rest before she gets ready for work tonight.

It did brighten up a bit during the day, but no real sun and quite cold.

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Easter Saturday

and true to form, it looks like rain!!

Good time at the flicks last night, we all enjoyed it very much. The cinema was bought by a couple a few years ago, it has been nicely done up and seats about 300. Run a bit like a film club, you have to book. They have a cafe/wine bar and you can take your drinks into the cinema, each seat has a cup holder, cups etc are proper ones not those awful polystyrene ones.

DGD asked ne to turn up a pair of trousers, they are too long, had a welt on the bottom its took me all morning to get the welts off, sewn to death, do not think they thought about anybody trying to alter then. I need to press the bottoms and then nip over to DD.s and try them on, not sure if she wants the welts putting back on the bottom or not. Want to get them done for tomorrow, her mum is coming here for lunch.

Its DD1.s wedding anniversary 34 the day. I remember it well, it was freezing.

Quick trip to DD.s to try trousers, now finished and pressed. So far ir has not rained, but it is very dull.

Friday, 3 April 2015

Good Friday

The roads will be choked with traffic going away for the weekend. At one time we would be with them towing the caravan, but in recent years we have stayed at home on Bank holidays and now go away out of season. It suits us, not so many people around and we can get a real rest or potter around, what ever we feel like doing.

Waiting for the chap with the settee, he was due at my friends at 9am, so should be with us anytime, I hope he has sat nav and can find us. Friday clean done, did the sitting room yesterday when I moved the furniture, kitchen done this morning, so all clean for the break.

Its a dull grey morning, a bit of drizzle which makes it uncomfortable. We are off to the flicks tonight, have a couple of jobs to do in the town first. Having our supper at lunch time, I will make sandwiches for supper with a scone, should keep the system fuelled up. We will have it before we go out.

The settee has arrived, it is as I expected smaller than the one we presently have, fine for one person to sleep on if needed. I will try and get another set of covers if I can, my friend tells me there is a company who makes covers for Ikea furniture.

Its standing under the stairs for now, will move it into its proper place once the other settee has gone.

Nice chap delivered it, Our neightbour helped him in with it, for which we are very grateful.

Sorry late posting, just got in from the cinema, enjoyed the film very much, well worth going to see.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Nice Morning

Sun shining, coolish, but I have had the back door open all morning. DB has been sorting out the shed, loads of stuff to rehome or stick in the bin. DD2 is coming in for a load of bird seed, feeders etc for starters. We have a drawer full of low wattage light bulbs. I bought special energy saving bulbs last year, so they will never be used. I am not sure if the charity shop will take them.

Two more crates emptied for the CS shop will try and get in with them tomorrow when we meet DD2 and DGD to go to the flicks.

Halogen heater collected this morning, the chap was a retired Jockey, very slow, walking must be awfully painful, he is waiting for replacement hips and knees. There is nothing that can be done for his hands though, nerve damage.

The settee is still sitting in the sitting room, so have had to have a bit of a move round to get the new one in under the stairs as far as possible, fun and games till the other one goes.

There will be some seeds later, will list what we have, it will be first come gets them.

OK, these are the seeds:


Spinach beet.
Hungarian hot wax peppers.
Chantenay carrots.
Polestar runner beans.
60 day Broccoli.
Moneymaker tomato's.


Livingstone daisy.

First come first served, send me a message with your address and I will post them off. Obviously I will not be publishing your message.

OK the flowers go to Kathy.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015


Another windy day, got another whirly of washing dried this morning, The sun keeps coming and going.

We had someone ring this morning for the Aquaroll we sold the other day. They could not understand why it was no longer available!! She saw the advert last week, ok then why did she not ring then????

I had some sad news from my friend in the US. She had an incident when she was driving, so her husband took her to the local hospital, she was in for 2 days. They have found a non malignant lesion in her brain and also white cell disease which can be a pre-cursor for dementia and Alzheimer's. She is quite a bit younger than me.

DB went to the bowls club this morning to help clear the place and get ready for the new season. No one else turned up. Apparently they changed the day and did not have the courtesy to let him know. He is very peeved.

I made another pot of soup and prepared a chicken casserole for supper tonight. 

My quilting friend bought me lilies at the weekend, they are just coming out, the smell is delicious, reminds me of the beautiful lilies we had in the house in the summer.

The daffs I bought had to be thrown away, they never came out properly and then died off. I bought more yesterday at Tesco and they are coming out this morning.

Plans afoot to meet a friend on the way down to Suffolk, it will be nice to see her.