Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Wonderful sun in its shining splendour

As you may have guessed the sun is shining here. I put the towels etc in the washer last night and put the timer on, so it was done when I got down stairs. Its now blowing in the breeze, its not as windy as yesterday but still enough to burl the whirly.

Much better night last night, it ois sometime since I had a really bad night like Sundays. I was asleep before DB put the light out so feeling brighter this morning especially with the sun.

More time to be spent in the sewing room, I am determined I am going to sort out the bits and strips crate and empty it. I have a feeling that when we are lucky enough to get either a flat or bungalow there will be little space for my sewing stuff so I really need to downsize it. I also have the sheets etc from yesterday to iron.

DB's dental appointment has been put back, his INR had only gone down 1 point and he has to resume weekly blood tests......aarrgghhh.

Having spent most of the day in my sewing room I am giving my back a rest for a while. The bits and strips box is about half empty, I have a box full of assorted strips and piles of squares from 10" down to 2". I refuse to cut smaller squares. I am have to open a shop!! Once the strips box is empty I am going to go through the fat quarters box, I know there are quite a few that have had pieces chibbled out of them. 

I sliced the remains of Sundays pork loin joint this morning, I have enough for tonights supper and have put another hot suppers slices in the freezer and  a pack with enough for another cold supper and some sandwiches. so four meals for £4.50, not bad. Next time I got to Tesco I will see if they have another joint.

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  1. I picked a pork loin up from Lidl last week it was only £3.50 and made two dinners , I remember when loin of pork was a lot more expensive , It was beautiful too and the cracking actually cooked like it was supposed to xxx


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