Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Windy or what?

I woke several times in the night, the wind was blowing a right hoolie, thought at one point the windows were going to blow in!!

Still reeling after selling all that stuff last night, keep counting the cash to make sure!!

DB had an appointment at the dentist, his plate is causing him problems. He then went to the library and to have a hair cut. I went to the bank and Morrisons. Picked up a large half shoulder of lamb for £7.25 it will do us Sunday and Monday and possibly enough to freeze for another supper, the bone will make stock for scotch broth.

I am gradually replacing my quilting rulers, I have tried the creative grids rulers, cannot get on with them, I find them too confusing, so back to Omnigrid. Have managed to pick up almost all of them at reasonable prices.

I have looked out the fabric for the sampler quilt, just need to check I have enough colours for all the blocks as well as the plain for the background. I will have to press it all later.

DB having a siesta, yesterday was a bad day, both a dizzy and then later a nausea attack, so two spells in bed.

Its blooming cold again, might have to put the heat on when DB gets up.

I took some stuff into the CS. They will take the big plastic crates I have managed to empty, so thats good to know. I need to go through the baking tin drawer in the kitchen I know I have tins in there that have not been used for ages, so they can go. I also need to sort out the china cupboard.

Very disappointed with the daffs I got on Sunday, they are starting to die off without coming out properly, will be having a word next time I go.

Today is the last day of March, April tomorrow and a couple of weeks to our break in Suffolk. I hope its a bit warmer than it is here at the moment!! I have saved up some pennies as there are 3 quilt shops in Suffolk, at least two of them will get a visit. I have also emptied the penny tin, there is enough for a fish supper, our usual holiday treat when we are close to the sea.

I think we are both looking forward to the change of scenery, the caravan we are staying in over looks the mouth of the river so DB can watch the ships coming and going. Need to remind him to put the binoculars in the bags. I am taking a quilt to try and do some more hand quilting on it whilst we are away. Its been hanging about far too long.

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