Thursday, 19 March 2015

Whew thats today over - almost!!

We decided not to go to the U3A meeting this morning, I collected DD2 just after 10am and took her to see her GP. She is on anti biotics and has been told that she needs to change her job, she is exhausted. If she is still suffering on Monday she has to ring and her GP will sign her off for another week. She did ring this afternoon and said she was feeling a little better, fell asleep watching something on TV.

After lunch I took DB to the dentist. He has lost 2 teeth and both resisted being removed. When I got him home I cleaned his face which was rather bloody and he went to bed for a couple of hours.

I did not sleep too well last night, too much on my mind.....I fell asleep on the settee. DB has had cheese pie and rice pudding for his supper. He has 3 stitches in the gum to try and prevent a midnight drive to LRI with him bleeding.

A very grey and cold day here, I put the heat back on when we went out just after lunch, it was nice to come back into a warm house.

Whilst DB was at the dentist I went to the library to take some books back and get new books for both of us.

No strip cutting done this afternoon, too tired.

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