Monday, 9 March 2015

What A Dreadful Night

Just could not sleep, I think I napped for a couple of hours, but was playing games on the I Pad at 3am.

Sunny and fine when we got up, so stripped the bed and put it all in the washer, out on the whirly the wind was blowing and burling it around.

Monday clean done and also a bit more ironing of strips and bits. Just after lunch it clouded over, so the laundry came in, the pillow cases were dry enough to iron the sheet and duvet cover are on the airer, they should be ok by the morning, so tomorrow will be ironing day.

A pot of leek and potato soup made for lunch and enough for tomorrow, also put a loaf of bread on, we finished the last loaf yesterday.

After lunch I finished the bag I had been intending to use to demonstrate how to put the lining in and box the corner. I need something for the display table at the next meeting. I have cut another bag out will get it to the lining stage ready for the group meeting at the end of the month. Then carry on ironing the strips and using the bigger bits of fabric to cut into squares or strips. The Go cutter is earning its money.

DB has to go for another INR test, his reading was too high last week, he is due at the dentist tomorrow to get his broken tooth out. If its still high he will have to cancel the appointment.

I did think about having a nap this afternoon, but decided against it, hopefully I will sleep better tonight.

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