Monday, 16 March 2015

Wash Day? Nah!!

Grey and overcast, so laundry put on hold till tomorrow.

Better nights sleep, managed up when the alarm went off. Monday clean done and then did a bit more at the fat quarters, found more fabric for cutting and also some bigger pieces which are small than fat quarters, but large enough to cut something out of.

DB spent an hour in the garden, we have weeds coming up in the gravel, so a spray with weedkiller. Might leave one bit to see what they actually are, its an even spread, could have come from the plants that were in the containers last summer. The timn tete a tete by the door are blooming away. The ones in the back are starting to come out as well.

Council tax bill arrived this morning, its gone up a wee bit, but we get 2 free months Feb and March if we are still here this time next year.

Want to watch a couple of videos whilst DB is have his siesta, also need to prep the veg for supper. Will probably go back to sorting out the fabric for an hour later.

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