Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Towels out on the whirly just after breakfast, I had to bring them in at lunchtime it started to rain, so finished them off in the dryer.

This morning we nipped over to Tesco to check the air in the tyres and put fuel in. I also wanted a couple of things from the shop so three jobs done at the same time.

This afternoon I wasted some time in the sewing room, made a tea cosy from some fabric I brought back from the US about 25 years ago!! I am not very pleased with it, but it will do for our tea pot when we use it, which is not very often. I also had a root through the UFO box. I found an I Spy quilt that will do for linus. I plan to use the walking foot to quilt it. I have marked the centre to start in the middle. It will take me a couple of days to do it, then I will have to find something to bind it with. I dare not count the number of quilt tops in the box, I also have some blocks that need stitching together, 

Freezer audit done and the menu's and shopping list for next month. We have decided to go to Aldi either Sunday or Tuesday next week.

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