Saturday, 7 March 2015

The Weekend

phew, a lie in this morning, have to get up tomorrow, am taking 3 of the quilt group to the fabric warehouse for a shufty.

The weather cannot make up its mind, bright and sunny one minute, grey and overcast the next. DB is hoping to get out into the garden when he comes back from taking the car to check the tyres. The clematis needs cutting back.

One of the quilting ladies is on holiday at the end of this month, so she wants to see how to do the pot holder and also choose her blocks for the quilt they will be starting at the end of April, so she is staying on a bit tomorrow.

I was watching a new quilting demo yesterday, quite like the block but its 6" finished, need to sort out how to double up the size to make a 12" finished block, so some time in the sewing room.

I decided I should sort out my sewing room as I have visitors coming tomorrow, so sorted out all the odd fabric thats lying around and cut it either into strips or squares, all the larger bits were ironed and put in their respective boxes. So the place is looking a bit tidier.

DB too the car and checked my tyres, do not want an accident with people in the car, he said the back ones were down a bot bit otherwise it was ok. I also need the garge to check the brakes, see if they will get through the MOT in June. If not will have to raid the piggy bank and get them sorted.

Supper prepped, so just chilling now.

Foot was sore this morning DB says it the change in the weather, I think its because I slept with my right foot under my left leg. However it seems ok this afternoon.

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