Friday, 20 March 2015

That was amazing!!!

We watched the eclipse this morning, it was a bit misty, but we saw it o.k. I remember the last one, we were in Hampshire, it was weird, the birds stopped singing, everything went very cold and still, then the darkness..........

It was a bit the same this morning, I felt cold and it darkened, then the sun started to appear again. We clearly saw the diamond ring effect for a few moments.

I had a decent nights sleep, did not even read. DB washed his mouth out, no real blood, and again this morning. He has been rinsing his mouth with salt water. We had a dizzy this morning, I expected it somehow, but he was up in time to have his lunch and go for the history club meeting. I gave him a lift there, he is coming back on the bus.

I have finished cutting up the fabric from the fat quarter boxes, I now have to start on the Christmas fabric bit box. I got it out this morning and found a large piece of fabric that should not be there...hmmm...

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  1. I often find an "orphan" that has got lost in the wrong place, I wonder how it happens. I had a quick look at my Christmas fabric and I think that a crazy or string quilt may have to happen.


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