Saturday, 28 March 2015

Sun, rain, sun.....

We were late up this morning, just before 10am when I put my foot out of bed.

My lap top is not behaving, I am going to have to get it looked at again, I think it is going to have to be cleaned, which means I will have to reload everything. I will back up as much stuff as I can onto my  external hard drive.

Since lunch I have been sorting out the instructions for the blocks the ladies have chosen for their sampler quilts. Thankfully they have all chosen the same blocks so we can work through them month by month. The hand pieced ones they can do on their own at home whilst working on the others.

Its been a fine day, we had rain for a while this morning but it has cleared up and been a fine afternoon.

Aldi tomorrow, we will be at the shop for when it opens at 10am. I will have to go back on Tuesday for a either a leg or shoulder of lamb, fancy it for supper next Sunday.

Clocks go forward tonight, hooray....... the nights will be much lighter and hopefully it will warm up a bit.

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  1. Computer/Laptops are such a pain. I hope you get it sorted oon.


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