Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Shame about the laundry

The weather forecast was not great for today, so I did not put any laundry in to wash. Typical, this morning and well into the afternoon has been fine and sunny, with a drying wind, it would have been well dry. Will see what the forecast is for tomorrow.

Into town to the library, DB stayed to do a bit more research, I went to Boyes and bought an iron for the quilting group and then on to Morrisons for fresh fruit and veg, home by 11 am.

Tried out the iron on some more of the bits and strips box, I can see the bottom now!! doubt I will get it done today though.

We have a problem with the local council, so I had to spend some time going through last years bank statements. I have proved my point, just need the council to acknowledge the fact that they were in receipt of some paper work.

DD2 is coming tomorrow afternoon, so cake needed, I expect its a card for Mothers Day on Sunday.

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