Sunday, 1 March 2015

Ooohhhhh Some Sun

it was sunny when we got up at the back of 9am, Saturday and Sunday being our lie in days. I put our Sunday fruit breakfast in the fridge before we went to bed, pineapple, mandarin oranges and some fruits of the forest. It was delicious this morning, followed by croissant and apricot jam, at one time we would have had 2 croissant but recently I have cut it down to one. Sunday is the only day we have them. Aldi do tradition French ones which are delicious.

The bruise has come out on my ankle and also up my leg, my right knee is also protesting, but thats nothing new. I did have to get DB to help me out of the bath after my shower.

We have applied for another flat, its just round the corner from my daughter but there are 2 people in front of us, so not really expecting anything. Still thats 2 we have applied for out of the four they say we should.

DB had another dizzy yesterday and then moaned he had gut pain when we got into bed. He does get spasms occasionally. He is fine this morning, I think it was flatulence......but there you go. The slightest pain and he has something major wrong with him. I keep reminding him about the little boy who cried wolf!! he has SH super hypochondria!!

We are going out for lunch today, our anniversary was yesterday, so treat today. Then we are in lock down. I need to have enough in the small savings account to pay a months rent and also for the removal should a suitable place comes up and we are lucky enough to get it.

We are on holiday next month, so I plan to take meals and ingredients with us, so we do not have to spend out on food. We are going to relax, so maybe an outing on 2 of the days, the rest of the time will be chill out.

Up date.

Our lunch was very nice, choice of meat and vegetables, you could have as much as you wanted, so a reasonable plate for us. We came home and made coffee, the DB went for his siesta.

Cheese and tomato sandwiches for tea with the last of the cake I brought home from my quilting friends, washed down with a cup of tea, all we needed after the lunch we had. It made a big difference that I did not have to cook for once. I spent the afternoon reading on the settee with a bottle for my cold feet.

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  1. I hope that you are lucky in your flat hunt, but I do not envy you another move. Hope your ankle improves, I use arnica for all bruising just as you did. How good to have a quilting friend who makes cake, I would want to visit weekly. at least.


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