Friday, 13 March 2015

Laundry out

Set the timer last night so the laundry was ready to hang out when I got downstairs, it blowing gently on the whirly, not as much breeze as yesterday, but it has two chances, either it does or doesn't dry.

DB is going to tackle the weeds, I am going to do some more bits and strips cutting. DD2 is due this afternoon, so will not get any done then. I am not sure about the iron I got yesterday, it is supposed to steam when you hold it horizontally, but it only seems to steam when you press the jet of steam button. Will give it another go this morning, if it's no better it will be going back.

Had a phone call last night from our councillor, he is going to take up the HB with the council and will come back to us. Result, has saved me going in and arguing the point myself. I know I took the paper work in because we had a disagreement about which month the payment covered. In future any dealings with the council I will be getting a receipt, the persons name and have a file for the paper work.


The laundry dried, so its been folded and put away and I have ironed the one shirt of DB's.

I have also emptied the bits and strips box, its actually empty!! I have a couple of bits to cut tomorrow but thats it done. Now I need to tackle the fat quarter boxes...that should be fun.

DD2 came this afternoon with my mothers day present, a miniature orchid, very pretty. I am running out of window cills. I might put
it in the bathroom.

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