Wednesday, 25 March 2015

It turned into a sunny day

Laundry out on the line just after breakfast, by early afternoon it was dry, folded and in the airing cupboard.

DB went to collect his new insoles, he came home without them, neither was right, one was too thin and the other too long so he has to wait another 3 weeks before they come back again.

Not much done this morning, I have booked the bus for the trip to the Festival of Quilts, all I have to do now is fill it!! I need 29 people and maybe a waiting list of 6 or 7.

This afternoon I got my stuff ready for tomorrow, I will load the car in the morning. I had to do one side of the pot holder to the point where it needs I will have 3 pot holders when I have done. Pictures taken of the blocks for the sampler quilt.

Top left, Lightening, top right; Old  Maids Puzzle, Bottom left; Dutchmans puzzle, and bottom right; Windmill.

Top left; Nine Patch top right; Pinwheel bottom right; Churn Dash bottom left; Jacobs Ladder.

I have not taken photos of the two blocks that are to be hand pieced, they are still in bits, will post pictures of them later.

It was quite misty and grey this morning, but eventually the sun came through, it was warm for a time, but when I went to fetch the laundry in it was turning colder. I think we might have a frost tonight.


  1. It's been a revelation to me lately on some of the blogs that these lovely patterns have all these intriguing names! It's fascinating to wonder how some of them came by such names. My DD18's christening gown had some cathedral window patchwork on it, and is beautiful.

  2. I love the blocks you have chosen for your sampler quilt! Makes me want to get started on another one!

  3. I'm making a sampler quilt right now... I love your blocks... particularly Jacob's Ladder.


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