Monday, 23 March 2015

He has his smile back!!

Laundry has dried on the line, just needs ironing. I hate sheets that have not been ironed!!

Monday clean done, I found more bits of fabric that needed cut up, so more time with the rotary cutter and the ruler. Hope its all finished now.

Took DB to get his plate back, nice smile now instead of gummy. The dentist checked that everything was ok. He has managed quite well eating softish food, and dunking his bread into soup.

After yesterdays events the casket containing the remains of Richard III is on view for people to pay their respects, when the catherdral opened at 9.30 there was a huge queue and the waiting time to get in was 4 hours. It had gone down to 2 hours, but they were asking people not to set out after lunch as the Cathedral was closing for vespers at 4.30pm. At one point the queue was 2 miles long.

Tomorrow night Dominican Monks are singing vespers, I would love to hear that. A trip into Leicester at that time of night is not on so sadly I will have to miss it.

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