Monday, 2 March 2015

Has Spring Sprung?

I doubt it somehow. 

Despite snow being forecast, there was no evidence of snow when we got up, the sun was shining. Not enough in the laundry basket to warrant putting a load in the machine, it will have to wait till the end of the week.

DB gave me a hand with the Monday clean, I have someone coming this afternoon to see my Janome sewing machine, she is looking for a new one. So demonstrator mode after lunch. The floor in the sewing room was littered with bits of thread, so DB moved everything moveable and hoovered for me.

Pleased to report that my foot and leg are improving, I just have to remember not to turn my right foot on its side, its painful if I do. I have been using a local anaesthetic cream on my knee which is helping.

The clump of tete a tete coming through the gravel by the front door.

The two containers under the window, something has been digging in the top one, I suspect it might be a fox, I had planted 2 dozen tete a tete bulbs in there, No sign of the bulbs, if it ate them I hope its got bellyache!!


  1. Hope Spring is on the doorstep for you, it will be a long time coming for us.


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