Sunday, 22 March 2015

Glued to the computer

DB has been glued to the computer since he got up from his siesta listening to the coverage of the cortage of Richard III round the Leicestershire villages. Lots of people out lining the route and at the various stopping places. They are expecting around 10,000 in the City centre. I must admit that it has been riveting. From when it emerged at the it leaves the battle field visitors centre at Market Bosworth the coffin was being loaded into a horse drawn Hearse with 10 black horses pulling it. The coffin has been escorted by 2 knights in full armour on horseback. It is now on its way to Desford and from there into the City for its reception into the Catherdral. There is coverage on TV from 5pm so I guess supper will be eaten on trays.

Its been a lovely sunny day, I wish I had stripped the bed this morning. the sheets would have dried in the sun. DB was out for a bit, he said it was very cold still.

I have finished sorting my fabric, I found a bag with some more in as I was clearing up, so more pressing and cutting. The box with the backing in has been sorted out and I have moved the boxes round that are under the tables. finished off by hoovering the carpet to get rid of all the bits and put the big ironing board away, I have a small board I used to use in the caravan, its just the right size to fit on the board at the side of the sewing machine.

DB.s stitches came out yesterday, his face is still a bit sore, but he managed sop and toast at lunchtime. He gets his bridge back tomorrow,


  1. I can relate to the sorting out of fabric. My wool stash has to go down. I've decided to knit my co-workers each a shawl/scarf for Christmas. Two down, three to go. Not as huge a task as it sounds because the pattern is super simple and the needles large.

    I have to ask, do you know what happened to Foster/Frugal Mummy who used to be mentioned in the Frugal Queen blog? It's always sad when a blogger disappears, kind of like when your penpal stopped writing.

  2. As far as I know Foster Mummy and FQ had a falling out over something FQ said. I think Foster Mummy started a new blog, but I must admit I have not looked for it.

    1. Ah, such as shame. I remember they were FQ's witnesses when she married

    2. Ah, such a shame when friends fall out.

      I just remembered she was the witness at FQs wedding


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